Leverage the Full Benefits of Edge-to-Cloud AI Directly within Your Solutions and Products

Powerful and Extensible Edge-to-Cloud AI Recognition Platform for Product Developers and System Integrators

Arm Insight Platform integrates advanced artificial intelligence seamlessly into the real-world, in real-time. Our software makes sensors smart, capable of detecting people, objects and their interactions, with actionable insight feeding into your platform or application. With sensors capable of understanding the world around them your solutions can leverage the full benefits of Arm’s leading-edge machine learning algorithms.


Existing or new cameras


Person and object detection


Notifications on specific events


Integration with real-world processes

Edge-to-Cloud Architecture with Built-in Privacy and Security 
Edge-to-Cloud Architecture

Arm Insight makes it easy to distribute machine learning across multiple edge devices, egressing metadata to the cloud where it can be further processed. This architecture brings several key benefits.

Privacy and Security by Design

When designing Insight Platform we kept security and privacy front and center, ensuring it was built in from the ground up.

For System and Product Integrators

Building real-world edge-to-cloud solutions for end users or looking to integrate recognition into your existing product? Through our cloud-to-cloud API, Arm Insight integrates easily with existing cloud platforms and products bringing real-time, actionable insights – real time notifications leading to specific outcomes – to your customers.

Arm Insight platform

Use Cases

With a wide range of underlying recognition capabilities, Arm Insight can be applied to any use case area that would benefit from the power of distributed machine learning in edge to cloud deployments. Contact us for more information and to discuss requirements. We’ve listed some use cases below.

Our at-the-edge solutions help reduce loss through shrinkage and increase stock efficiency in retail stores.

Smart Spaces - Pelion Space Analytics

Arm Insight can be used to provide a real-time data feed to our Smart Spaces solution. This solution provides property and facility managers with predictive actionable insights on business spaces for data driven decisions.

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