TTTech Auto provides solutions for the challenges of future generations of vehicles. The company specializes in safe software and hardware platforms for automated driving and beyond, applicable in series production programs. With leading technology solutions, TTTech Auto ensures safety and electronic robustness for a more automated world.

TTTech Auto operates under the umbrella of the TTTech Group, a technology leader in robust networking and safety controls, with cross-industry experience gained from more than 20 years of operation. The TTTech Group is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and is present in several locations in Europe, USA, and Asia.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: MotionWise – The Safety Software Platform
    MotionWise – The Safety Software Platform

    MotionWise is a series-proven safety software platform for automated driving and beyond.

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  • Expert Insights Blog
    Expert Insights

    Read articles from industry experts and stay informed about the most recent technological findings in the automotive industry.

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  • TTTech Auto Webinars Webinar
    TTTech Auto Webinars

    Watch our webinars on-demand, covering the variety of safety-relevant automotive topics.

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    TTTech Auto News

    Get the latest information about technology innovations and industry trends.

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  • The Autonomous: Tackling the Safety Challenges
    The Autonomous: Tackling the Safety Challenges

    The Autonomous brings together the world’s major mobility stakeholders to shape the future of safe autonomous vehicles.

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