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Based in Montreal, Canada, Deeplite is an AI software company dedicated to enabling AI for everyday life. We create Lightweight Intelligence™ for everyday life. Deeplite enables deep neural networks (DNNs) to be deployed directly within edge devices such as cameras, sensors, drones, phones, cars etc.

A significant challenge with deep learning AI models is how large they are and how processor and power-intensive they can be to operate. For this reason, many AI applications are forced to use the cloud rather than running AI locally in the edge devices themselves. This type of application is not practical, especially in certain applications where reaction times and the possibility of error are critical. It also makes cloud processing costs massive. Current methods to reduce the size of DNN’s requires expensive deep learning engineers and lots of time using trial and error.

Deeplite solves this problem by using a fully automated AI engine to optimize DNN models, making them smaller, faster and more efficient that can be deployed to any hardware platform. With Deeplite, AI breaks free from the cloud, unlocking the potential to use intelligence in devices we use every day and changing the way we live.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Deeplite Arm AI Partner Solution Brief
    Deeplite Arm AI Partner Solution Brief

    Discover more about Deeplite's AI-driven optimizer, our key solutions and use cases.

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  • Making DNN Faster & Energy-Efficient on Low Power Hardware Arm Tech Talk
    Making DNN Faster & Energy-Efficient on Low Power Hardware

    Watch our co-founder & CPO, Davis Sawyer describing Deeplite's incredible techniques which help make your DNNs faster and more energy efficient.

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  • Deeplite & Arm: Unlocking AI on Microcontrollers Blog
    Deeplite & Arm: Unlocking AI on Microcontrollers

    Read how Deeplite helped ARM to unlock deep learning on embedded devices and enabled the use of AI on our everyday devices.

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  • The Hidden Cost of AI Arm Tech Talk
    The Hidden Cost of AI

    How can we address the growing AI sustainability concern? Watch the amazing lineup of speakers discussing Greener AI, with insights on Edge AI & Cloud AI, Telecommunications, Deep Learning and Semiconductor Design.

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