IoT Security is Vital for Trusted Business

As the digital transformation extends into business operations both online and in a world full of physical devices, securing the Internet of Things (IoT) cannot be an afterthought. IoT growth is helping to drive established digitization trends in mobile, cloud, and data with the ability to get better visibility and control over the physical world – for consumers as well as industrial applications. Many industries from transportation, medical, and manufacturing, to retail are already innovating with IoT.

However, given the IoT-led exposure to the real world, many industries can become vulnerable to security threats creating a massive barrier to digital transformation. For instance:

  • Cybercrime damages are expected to reach $6 trillion annually by 2021, according to the 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report by Cybersecurity Ventures.
  • An average of 5,400 attacks per month target IoT devices, according to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2019.

Without proper security in IoT, organizations risk lasting damage to brand reputation, as well as serious business consequences from data breaches and violations of governmental regulations and privacy policies. For digital transformation to scale effectively, organizations need quality, trusted data, which can only be delivered by devices with a good security baseline.

IoT Security Challenges

IoT devices and solutions are deployed in increasingly complex environments, across multiple geographies and on multiple standards. Unfortunately, hackers and advanced threats are also constantly innovating and leaping over traditional security solutions and approaches, leading to the following types of challenges: 

Weak IoT Device Security 

Since organizations need a fast time-to-market with their IoT deployment, many IoT devices forego independent security testing, and may lack any built-in IoT security.

Difficulty of Managing IoT Devices and the Data

Organizations must have a way to manage all these IoT devices and solutions and ensure their data is trusted. 

Lack of IoT Visibility and Control

Visibility into threats to devices and networks is critical. In large-scale IoT deployments, organizations must understand and control how IoT devices function throughout their lifecycles and how they are connected, accessed, and managed. 

Fragmented IoT Security Solutions 

Attempting to piecemeal various disparate security solutions often creates fragmentation, complexity, and security gaps. Hackers can take advantage of these vulnerabilities, so a unified IoT security ecosystem is essential. 

Comprehensive Security Approach

PSA CertifiedArm is a key founder in the PSA Certified initiative, which aims to provide an architecture-agnostic framework and matching independent evaluation scheme for securing the next trillion connected devices. PSA Certified helps organizations navigate the IoT landscape, simplifying security for industries deploying or supplying digital transformation. It has three key benefits:


  • A low cost and minimal risk path for more secure connected devices
  • Fast alignment with legislation and standards
  • A scheme that is methodically created and independently tested


This comprehensive IoT security approach helps ensure the right level of robustness to match the needs of each application best.


Arm delivers products that offer a layered approach to IoT security, which means implementing solutions, processes, and measures designed to protect systems, networks, and data from a range of attacks and a broad spectrum of vulnerabilities.

Develop Devices Securely

Building security in hardware and software layers in IoT devices by following PSA Certified security objectives, helps create a solid security foundation. 

Connect Devices Securely

A secure, efficient, and flexible approach to connecting devices wherever they are deployed is key to the success of an IoT deployment. Pelion Connectivity Management service of Arm Pelion IoT Platform lets organizations manage device connectivity easily and securely. 

Manage IoT Devices Securely

Arm enables enhanced visibility and control over IoT device deployments by offering Mbed OS, an open-source operating system purpose built for IoT; and Pelion Device Management which enables secure onboarding, connection, updates and lifecycle management of different types of devices – for both on premise and cloud deployment options. 

Manage Data Securely

Pelion Data Management helps ensure the secure delivery of trusted IoT data and its integration with other enterprise data. Insights from the unified data can inform important business decisions to transform businesses.  

IoT-Securing by Design -A Cyber Security White Paper by Copper Horse

The IoT is facilitating an explosion in insights that help us make informed decisions. But how can we make trusted decisions without trusted data? This white paper by Copper Horse details how to make that transition by placing security at the heart of IoT design principles Download the Copper Horse Secure IoT by Design white paper to get insights on:

  • Secure IoT device principles
  • External considerations impacting device security
  • Streamlined, cost-effective device life cycle management.
Download White Paper

Comprehensive Device-to-Data IoT Security

To help organizations approach IoT security in a comprehensive manner, Arm has a deep heritage in devices with more than 150 billion Arm-based chips shipped by our partners, and is uniquely positioned to deliver the industry’s leading scalable device-to-data security stack with security built into devices, operating systems, and cloud services extending to data. 

Arm’s partner ecosystem helps strengthen IoT security further by delivering at scale secure and certified devices, equipment, and applications. 

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Arm has a strong history of helping customers secure devices from chip-to-cloud. Our portfolio of secure IP, firmware, software and partnerships provides an end-to-end approach to security.