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Meet the Arm-powered AI voice platform that’s simplifying human interactions with connected devices.

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Say ‘Hey’ to Snips

Smart speakers in our homes today aren’t as intelligent as we’d think – most are just smart enough to recognize their name before connecting to the internet for the rest. Snips is setting out to change that, creating private-by-design voice technology that keeps intelligence (and users’ information) on-device, no cloud connection necessary. And it all starts with a “Hey Snips”.

The Snips open-source platform empowers voice developers around the world to create customizable voice experiences, and the wealth of knowledge and priceless feedback from this 30,000+ strong community play a huge role in making the technology what it is and what it will be.

The Power to Build Trust

Snips’ Spoken Language Understanding Engine is made possible by Arm technology. The Snips Commands solution can run on the Arm Cortex-M4 processors, while the Snips Flow solution requires a quad-core Cortex-A53 processor. With hardware this powerful, Snips Flow can achieve cloud-level performance and accuracy directly from the device. 

These voice interfaces are intuitive, hands- and eyes-free, and accessible; and processing data on-device is the best way to build a trusted, transparent and intimate relationship between humans and their devices. This unflinching dedication to the experience of the end user is a strong parallel between the Arm and Snips missions.

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