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Meet the location experts whose positioning solution is helping make precision positioning ubiquitous in everything from drones to tractors to self-driving cars.

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Get to Know Swift Navigation

When we think about automation in the form of self-driving cars, many of us picture sitting back and relaxing while technology takes the wheel. It’s an exciting concept but one that can sometimes distract us from appreciating the monumental efforts that have gone in to creating the level of automation available to us today and to come in the near future. 

That’s where Swift Navigation comes in. With a company mission to enable a future of autonomous vehicles to navigate and understand the world, its founders made a bet early on that autonomous driving technology would be commonplace. That bet been their north star ever since, and in 2019, the team launched their automotive product suite, which is set to bring today’s autonomy systems into the future.

The Next Level of Automation

Behind Swift Navigation’s game-changing positioning solution is its Starling software. Powered by Arm, it’s able to account for errors present in the GPS satellite signal — from uncertainties in satellite orbits to atmospheric disturbances — and determine correction values to precisely determine absolute location.


This technology means Swift Navigation is able to offer a high-integrity, high-accuracy positioning solution for silicon makers as well as Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to integrate into their vehicles’ sensor suites. It is safety- and progress-centered partnerships like these that will be pivotal in making the next level of automation possible

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