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28 May: NVIDIA Collaborates With SoftBank Corp. to Power SoftBank’s Next-Gen Data Centers Using Grace Hopper Superchip for Generative AI and 5G/6G NVIDIA and SoftBank Corp. announced they are collaborating on a pioneering platform for generative AI and 5G/6G applications that is based on the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip and which SoftBank plans to roll out at new, distributed AI data centers across Japan.
21 May: NVIDIA Grace Drives Wave of New Energy-Efficient Arm Supercomputers NVIDIA announced a supercomputer built on the NVIDIA Grace CPU Superchip, adding to a wave of new energy-efficient supercomputers based on the Arm Neoverse platform.
16 May: Parallels Desktop attains Arm SystemReady VE Certification to meet highest industry standards Parallels has recently achieved the Arm SystemReady VE certification for its Parallels Desktop solution, further solidifying its position as a leader in virtualization technology.
10 May: Silicon Catalyst announces “Silicon Startups Contest” in partnership with Arm Silicon Catalyst, the world's only incubator focused exclusively on accelerating semiconductor solutions, announced a “Silicon Startups Contest” in partnership with Arm.
20 Apr: ArrayComm Announces End-to-End Arm-based 4G+5G O-RAN Base Station System Powered by Ampere Altra Processors at MWC 2023 ArrayComm showcased its new 4G+5G O-RAN base station system at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023. This system is ArrayComm's first high-performance baseband system designed for Arm-based cloud solutions, and is powered by Ampere Altra Cloud Native Processors.
15 Mar: Khronos to Create SYCL SC Open Standard for Safety-Critical C++ Based Heterogeneous Compute New Working Group designing derivative of the SYCL framework for high-level parallel programming to streamline safety certification in automotive, avionics, industrial, and medical markets. The SYCL SC Working Group has already gained support from industry leaders including AMD, Arm, Barcelona Supercomputer Center, Codeplay, CoreAVI, Intel, Intellias, Mercedes-Benz, and Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
14 Mar: TDK announces availability of automated ML Platform Integration for Arm Keil MDK TDK’s new group company Qeexo launches AutoML for Arm Keil MDK. Qeexo AutoML enables end-to-end embedded machine learning and development workflows with Qeexo AutoML and Arm Keil MDK, and Qeexo AutoML automatically builds machine learning solutions optimized for Arm processors.
14 Mar: Remote.It Simplifies Secure Access to Arm Virtual Devices Remote.It announced an integration with Arm Virtual Hardware (AVH) to enable developers to connect their AVH virtual devices to other cloud, on-premise, and IoT devices.
14 Mar: Canonical announces Ubuntu Core compatible with SystemReady IR Systems, highlights OS security with PSA Certified Level 1 achievement Canonical announced its Ubuntu Core operating system (OS) is now compatible with the Arm SystemReady IR system specification. The OS has also achieved the PSA Certified Level 1.
14 Mar: Telechips showcases Arm-based Dolphin5 automotive SoC at embedded world 2023 Telechips will showcase its new and next-generation Dolphin5 and N-Dolphin automotive chips at the embedded world trade fair in Nuremberg. Telechips selected a leading-edge suite of Arm IP to power its next-generation of automotive chips, including the Dolphin5.
12 Mar: BrainChip integrates Akida with Arm Cortex-M85 Processor, Unlocking AI Capabilities for Edge Devices BrainChip announced it has validated that its Akida processor family integrates with the Arm Cortex-M85 processor, unlocking new levels of performance and efficiency for next-generation intelligent edge devices.
8 Mar: OpenXLA is available now to accelerate and simplify machine learning OpenXLA Project, including the XLA, StableHLO, and IREE repositories, have been made available for use and contribution. OpenXLA has been co-developed by AI/ML industry leaders including Arm.
14 Feb: Real-time Ubuntu is now generally available Canonical announced the general availability of real-time Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Real-time Ubuntu provides a deterministic response to an external event, aiming to minimise the response time guarantee within a specified deadline. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS integrates the out-of-tree PREEMPT_RT patches for x86 and Arm architectures.
8 Dec: .NET for Ubuntu hosts and containers is now available on Arm-based platforms Canonical and Microsoft collaborate with Arm to enable .NET for Ubuntu hosts and containers on Arm.
17 Nov: Marvell Joins The Linux Foundation's SONiC As Premier Member SONiC running on Arm®-based silicon for edge and enterprise use cases reducing customer TCO by eliminating expensive hardware components and reducing power requirements.
10 Nov: Connect 5G and Xtreme5G Collaborate on Industry-First Edge 5G Stand Alone Magma Evolved Packet Core Built on Arm Arm-relevance summary: Connect 5G and Xtreme5G announce successful trial of industry-first open-source 5G Stand Alone “Magma" Evolved Packet Core built on Arm edge device for network-in-a-box solution.
19 Oct: videantis and ADTechnology to Build 5nm ADAS/AD SoCs
The SoC platform, combining videantis’ v-MP6000UDX processing subsystem and state-of-the-art automotive processors licensed from Arm, thus yields simplified, highly cost-effective single-chip solutions for ADAS/AD without the need for companion chips.
18 Oct: The Open Compute Project launches the first OCP Experience Center in North America, hosted by Arm
OCP announced the latest addition, and the first OCP Experience Center in North America, which will be hosted by Arm, a platinum member of OCP since 2018.
28 Sep: SolidRun Unveils SolidNET DPUs - The First Software-Defined DPU for Cloud, Edge and Enterprise Data Centers
SolidRun, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance System on Module (SOM) solutions, Single Board Computers (SBC) and network edge solutions, announced SolidNET, a line of Arm-based software-defined data processing unit (DPU) PCIe half-height-half-length (HHHL) cards based on off-the-shelf 16-core NXP LX2162A SoCs
12 Sep: GENEViSiO and Arm collaborate on a O-RAN demonstration in the Arm 5G Solutions Lab
GENEViSiO announces it is collaborating with Arm on a demonstration of GENEViSiO's inline PCIe DU (distributed unit) accelerator in the Arm 5G Solutions Lab.
7 Sep: Introducing the Nex Motion Entertainment Hardware Reference Design
To help cable and telecom operators and smart TV OEMs bring motion entertainment to every household, Nex has created a turnkey Motion Entertainment Hardware Reference Design powered by technology from Arm.
1 Sep: Open Grid Alliance Expands Board of Directors, Establishes Workstream Charters as Momentum Grows
The Open Grid Alliance (OGA), a collaborative industry organization focused on rearchitecting the Internet into a worldwide shared platform that dynamically distributes compute, data and intelligence to where application and services demand, announced an expanded Board of Directors, including Arm's Eddie Ramirez.
29 Aug: Azure Virtual Machines with Ampere Altra Arm-based processors-generally available
Microsoft announced the general availability of the latest Azure Virtual Machines featuring the Ampere Altra Arm–based processor. The new virtual machines will be generally available on September 1, and customers can now launch them in 10 Azure regions and multiple availability zones around the world.
11 Aug: Linaro Ecosystem Dashboard - A centralized information hub for Arm developers
Linaro has created the Linaro Ecosystem Dashboard (LED) project, a central location developers can find information on open source projects and their status. The Linaro Ecosystem Dashboard enables developers to quickly search necessary software project details, including information on supported releases, build status, user stories and more.
9 Aug: Quest Global Becomes Arm Approved Design Partner
Quest Global announced it has joined the Arm Approved Design Partner program.
3 Aug: Cadence Library Characterization Solution Accelerates Delivery and Enhances Quality of Arm Memory Products
Arm is leveraging Cadence Liberate MX Trio Characterization to enhance the quality of its embedded memory instances and compilers and speed time to market. With Liberate MX Trio Characterization, Arm achieved its accuracy and capacity requirements and reduced memory liberty variation format (LVF) characterization validation runtime by 7X when compared with brute-force Monte Carlo simulation.
28 Jul: Eurotech’s Edge Gateway achieves Arm SystemReady certification
Eurotech has announced its Edge Gateway, ReliaGATE 10-14 has achieved Arm SystemReady IR certification.
19 Jul: Nurturing Computing Technology Talent
Arm Education is the latest strategic partner to join Cambridge Regional College in addressing local skills needs.
13 Jul: Expanding the Tau VM family with Arm-based processors
Google Cloud announced the Preview release of its first VM family based on the Arm architecture, Tau T2A. Powered by Ampere® Altra® Arm-based processors, T2A VMs deliver exceptional single-threaded performance at a compelling price.
13 Jul: Run your Arm workloads on Google Kubernetes Engine with Tau T2A VMs
Google Cloud announced containerized workloads on the Arm architecture using GKE. Arm nodes come packed with the key GKE features, including the ability to run in GKE Autopilot mode for a hands-off experience, or on GKE Standard clusters.
28 Jun: Cadence Expands Collaboration with Arm to Accelerate Mobile Device Silicon Success
Cadence announced it has extended its collaboration with Arm to accelerate mobile device silicon success using Cadence digital and verification tools and the new Arm Total Compute Solutions 2022.
28 Jun: Synopsys and Arm Strengthen Partnership to Advance Next-Gen Mobile SoCs for Arm's Total Compute Solutions
Synopsys announced that its design, verification and IP solutions are optimized to deliver maximum performance-per-watt for the latest Armv9 architecture-based SoCs.
22 Jun: FoundriesFactory® Supports Arm's Project Cassini for Secure Production Edge Deployments announced it is the first Linux distribution to fully integrate and provide commercial support for Project Cassini, an open, collaborative, standards-based initiative from Arm.
13 Jun: IAR Systems accelerates innovation for solutions based on Arm Cortex-M85 processor
IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm supports the new Arm Cortex-M85 processor, helping developers create powerful embedded development solutions for future IoT, smart home and AI/ML applications.
24 May: Renesas Will Demonstrate the First Working Silicon Based on the Recently Debuted Arm Cortex-M85 Processor
Renesas announced that it will present the first live demonstration of a MCU based on the recently announced Arm Cortex-M85 processor. 
23 May: COMPUTEX 2022 Global Press Conference Industry Leaders Gather to Unlock Future Trends
At COMPUTEX 2022, CK Tseng, President of Arm Taiwan will join a discussion on how the ICT industry can turn the challenges of the pandemic into opportunities and create a better future with digital technologies.
22 May: BrainChip Joins Arm AI Partner Program
BrainChip was accepted into the Arm AI Partner Program, an ecosystem of hardware and software specialists enabling developers to deliver the next generation of AI solutions.
16 May:  Roviero joins Arm AI Partner Program to future-proof AI-based IoT solutions
Roviero is joining the Arm AI Partner Program to bring AI and general-purpose compute as a packaged product to customers in the edge IoT space.
16 May: Emza and Alif Demonstrate Fast, Ultra-Efficient Object Detection for Tiny AI Edge Devices
Emza and Alif Demonstrate Fast, Ultra-Efficient Object Detection for Tiny AI Edge Devices
19 Apr: AMIQ EDA Adds Support for Arm AArch64 Architecture AMIQ EDA announced that the company's software products now run on computing platforms built with the Arm architecture and Arm64 processors.
18 Apr: Announcing Databricks Support for AWS Graviton2 With up to 3x Better Price-Performance
Databricks announces public preview of Databricks support for Arm-based AWS Graviton2-powered Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. The Graviton processors are custom designed and optimized by AWS to deliver the best price-performance for cloud workloads running in Amazon EC2.
12 Apr: Tetrate Adds Istio and Envoy Support for Arm Neoverse
Tetrate, founded by creators and maintainers of Istio and Envoy, announced that Istio service mesh and Envoy proxy now support the Arm Neoverse platform. 
12 Apr: The Linux Foundation and Google Cloud Launch Nephio to Enable and Simplify Cloud Native Automation of Telecom Network Functions
TheLinux Foundation announced the formation of project Nephio in partnership with Google Cloud and leaders across the telecommunications industry, including Arm.
7 Apr: ADLINK’s Ampere Altra Developer Platform with Arm SystemReady certification
ADLINK presents a COM HPC-based Ampere Altra workstation that is Arm SystemReady SR-certified. ADLINK COM HPC Ampere Altra Developer Platform is available in a variety of configurations, including 32/64/80-cores.
4 Apr: Now in preview: Azure Virtual Machines with Ampere Altra Arm-based processors
Microsoft is announcing the preview of Azure Virtual Machines series featuring the Ampere Altra Arm-based processor. The new VM series include general-purpose Dpsv5 and memory-optimized Epsv5 VMs, which can deliver up to 50 percent better price-performance than comparable x86-based VMs.
28 Mar: New deployment option: the Fastly Next-Gen WAF is now the only WAF compatible with Arm at scale
Fastly has chosen to support Arm-based processors in its security offerings, making Fastly Next-Gen WAF the only WAF compatible with Arm at scale.
22 Mar: Cortex Hub launches Ecosystem Lab in Partnership with Arm Limited
To support digitization initiatives across the Eastern Cape in South Africa, Cortex Hub today announced the launch of the Arm (E )NGAGE lab in partnership with Arm Limited.
22 Mar: NVIDIA Opens NVLink for Custom Silicon Integration
NVIDIA NVLink-C2C supports the Arm AMBA Coherent Hub Interface (AMBA CHI) protocol. NVIDIA and Arm are working closely together to enhance AMBA CHI to support fully coherent and secure accelerators with other interconnected processors.
22 Mar: Red Hat Lowers Barriers to Artificial Intelligence Projects with Red Hat OpenShift
Red Hat OpenShift 4.10 includes support for running on Arm in two ways: full stack automation IPI for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and user provisioned (UPI) for bare-metal on pre-existing infrastructure.
21 Mar: GDC 2022: Cloud gaming powered by Anbox Cloud
At GDC 2022 Arm, Ampere Computing and Canonical will present a live talk accompanied by a cloud gaming demo built on top of Ampere Altra powered servers running Anbox Cloud providing a cloud gaming service.
8 Mar: The Eclipse Foundation Launches New Working Group for Software-Defined Vehicles
Arm joins multiple industry leaders in support of the Eclipse Foundation's formation of the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) Working Group, a new formal initiative focused specifically on automotive innovation.
28 Feb: CSIR signs an MoU with Arm Limited
The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Arm to mutually explore education, research, and innovation opportunities across South Africa's compute ecosystem.
10 Feb: Microsoft joins Linaro, Arm and Qualcomm Technologies to advance Windows on Arm Linaro, the open-source collaborative engineering organization developing software for the Arm ecosystem, announced that Microsoft has joined Linaro as a Member of Linaro's Windows on Arm Project.
7 Feb: Intel Foundry Services Launches Ecosystem Alliance to Accelerate Customer Innovation Arm is on a mission to deploy secure, energy-efficient Arm-based technology wherever compute happens, and by working with other key players in the industry as part of the IFS Accelerator, we are putting IP in the hands of those designing the future of computing.
7 Feb: PUFsecurity and eMemory Launch Next-Gen PUF-based Hardware Root of Trust IP for Future Computing The integration of the secure storage with pre-qualified high-performance TRNG and AMBA bus interfaces minimizes the design effort while maximizing the design’s security, which is why Arm selected PUFrt for the secure sub-system in our reference implementation of the Armv9 confidential compute architecture.
4 Feb: Cubasis 3.4 Brings Ableton Link Support and Many Improvements Professional audio and other high-end use cases, like Steinberg's Cubasis 3.4, require the very best from the underlying compute architecture. Arm's CMSIS APIs, including CMSIS-DSP, are designed to broadly enable precisely this.
1 Feb: PCI Express 6.0 Specification Arm is pleased to see the release of the PCIe 6.0 specification and looks forward to the benefits it will add to the performance, scalability and security enhancements of the Arm architecture.
25 Jan: Khronos Strengthens Vulkan Ecosystem with Release of Vulkan 1.3, Public Roadmap and Profiles Arm is committed to providing developers the tools and technologies to enable the next generation of compelling on-device experiences, and will support Vulkan 1.3 and the Roadmap 2022 profile on our Mali GPUs.
16 Nov: Elmos adopts Arm Cortex-M IP for its next-generation automotive MCU based product family The announcement confirms the continuation of a strong partnership between Arm and Elmos for the next five years, and beyond. This collaboration addresses the unique current and future technology demands from automotive suppliers and vehicle manufacturers, enabling Elmos to deliver innovative products for critical applications including ADAS and autonomous driving, dynamic lighting and thermal management.
4 Nov: Open Grid Alliance Solidifies Its Foundation and Welcomes New Members
Open Grid Alliance announced membership and organizational updates that will establish a strong foundation from which it can rise. Specifically, the OGA is proud to welcome 27 new member organizations and announce its official formation as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization.
4 Nov: ScaleFlux Announces Next Generation Portfolio, Bringing Highly Efficient Computational Storage to the Masses
Based on proven Arm technology, ScaleFlux's new product suite will open up opportunities for software and system developers to deploy computational storage across a range of new applications from machine learning to edge computing, creating even more value to businesses.
2 Nov: Rust Foundation Achieves Significant Milestone with 15th Silver Member Organization Arm, Sentry, Knóldus, Spectral, Automata, Activision, and Toyota Connected among others have joined the Rust Foundation.