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Arm Relevance

18 Nov: Adopts Arm Technology to Deliver a Purpose-built Heterogeneous Machine Learning Compute Platform for the Embedded Edge, the machine learning company enabling high performance compute at the lowest power, announced the adoption of low-power Arm compute technology to build its purpose-built Machine Learning SoC platform.
4 Nov: Eurotech joins Arm Project Cassini bringing its edge software and hardware components and its decade of expertise in edge deployment
Eurotech, a leading provider of rugged and industrial-grade embedded boards and systems, edge computing platforms and IoT enablement solutions announced it has joined the Arm Project Cassini Initiative.
22 Oct: ventureLAB partners with Arm to broaden Canada’s Hardware Catalyst Initiative
ventureLAB has announced a new partnership with Arm  to expand ventureLAB's Hardware Catalyst Initiative (HCI). This will enable HCI companies a fast-track route to Arm Flexible Access for Startups.
8 Oct: Synopsys DesignWare CXL IP Supports AMBA CXS Protocol Targeting High-Performance Computing SoCs Synopsys announced that its DesignWare® CXL Controller IP now supports the AMBA® CXS protocol, enabling an efficient interface with the latest, highly scalable Arm® Neoverse Coherent Mesh Network.  
30 Sept: Nordic Semiconductor to ship its billionth Arm Cortex-M based wireless SoC in October
Nordic Semiconductor will reach a major new commercial milestone in early October this year, having shipped more than one billion Arm Cortex-M based ultra-low power wireless SoCs in just eight years.
22 Sept: Cambridge Wireless creates a consortium of members to accelerate and successfully scale the transformation of product companies to digital services: Product as a Service (PaaS)
Initial founding members of the PaaS Consortium include Arm, BAT, ghd. CW Cambridge Wireless will be inviting other members to join who can contribute towards the successful transformation of product as a service at scale in a fast moving digital connected world.
09 Sept:
Qeexo AutoML Enables Machine Learning on Arm Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M0+
Qeexo announces that its Qeexo AutoML platform now supports machine learning on Arm Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M0+ processors, which power devices including sensors and microcontrollers from companies such as Arduino, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, and Bosch Sensortec.
09 Sept: UCF Consortium Receives Open Source Contribution from Arm to Speed Access to Persistent Memory Storage
The Unified Communication Framework (UCF) announced an open source contribution of an OpenSHMEM-based I/O research extension to access persistent memory storage, in collaboration with Arm.
27 Aug: AdcareIT Selects Telco Systems and Clavister for Rollout of NFV-Based Secure SD-WAN Services in Kenya New managed services delivered by Clavister's advanced connectivity and cybersecurity VNFs running on Telco Systems' market leading NFVTime uCPE solution based on Arm architecture.
28 Jul: Neocortix Announces Arm 64-bit Support for Folding@home and Rosetta@home COVID-19 Vaccine Research
Neocortix, a mobile distributed computing company, today announced the release of Arm 64-bit support for two leading protein folding research projects – Folding@home and Rosetta@home.
23 Jul: Marvell Unveils the Industry's Most Comprehensive Custom ASIC Offering
Marvell announced a custom ASIC offering that addresses the requirements of next generation 5G carriers, cloud data centers, enterprise and automotive applications. Marvell's custom ASIC solution enables a multitude of customization options and a differentiated approach with best-in-class standard product IP including Arm-based processors.
21 Jul:  AMIQ EDA Announces Solution for Continuous Integration of SystemVerilog Testbenches AMIQ EDA announced a methodology for continuous integration of SystemVerilog testbench code for verification of the most complex semiconductor designs. Verissimo and DVT Eclipse are being used across Arm in continuous integration flows to help better identify problems in coding and assess project status.
17 Jul:  Hafnium, MbedTLS, PSA Crypto join the Trusted Firmware Project
Trusted Firmware today announced that Hafnium, MbedTLS and the PSA Crypto Project transitioned into its project scope, fostering collaboration around the development of a reference Trusted Execution Environment and Secure Processing Environment on the Arm A-Profile and M-Profile architectures respectively.
17 Jul:
Building Next-generation Mobile Renderer with Tencent Games
Arm has worked with Tencent Games on a next-generation mobile renderer which combines Arm's high-performance Mali GPU technology with Tencent Games' development expertise, equipping developers with the tools needed to build the mobile games of the future.
14 Jul:
L2S2 announces strategic partnership with Arm to transform connected healthcare
L2S2 announced that it is working together with Arm to bring a unique and disruptive offering to the healthtech market. L2S2 Managed Medical Device Cloud and Arm Pelion IoT platform enable hospitals and doctors to obtain secure, compliant and actionable data from IoT.
08 Jul:
Juniper Research: Future Digital Awards for Technology & Innovation 2020 Winners Announced
Juniper Research announced its 2020 Future Digital Awards winners for Technology & Innovation, including Arm. Arm Kigen and Pelion Connectivity Management won the IoT Security Innovation of the Year Award.
30 Jun:
Wi-SUN Alliance Announces Further Growth and Strengthens Global Membership
Arm is working with the Wi-SUN Alliance on standards that drive the ubiquitous adoption of Wi-SUN in IoT deployments and broad commercial availability across the value chain.
23 Jun:
Japan’s Fugaku gains title as world’s fastest supercomputer
The supercomputer Fugaku, which is being developed jointly by RIKEN and Fujitsu Limited based on Arm technology, has taken the top spot on the Top500 list. The webpage will open in a new tab., a ranking of the world's fastest supercomputers.
23 Jun:
Bamboo Systems™ Launches Next Generation Server
Bamboo Systems, a provider of transformative Arm-based servers, today announced the availability of its newest systems, the B1000N Series, based on a new system architecture, Bamboo PANDA.
23 Jun:
UCF Consortium Announces OpenSNAPI Project to Develop an Open, Standard Application Programming Interface for Smart Networking Adapters
The OpenSNAPI unified API is helping to expand the applicability of emerging use-cases, such as in-network computing, and ultimately enabling more efficient data processing through broader deployments of SmartNICs.
3 Jun:
Kontron VX6124 - A new Arm®-based VPX Computing Node
Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology, has announced VX6124, its new Arm-based High End VPX Computing Node for next generation HPEC applications.
27 May:
DARPA Selects Teams to Increase Security of Semiconductor Supply Chain
Arm researchers join a team to make design-for-security pervasive through the DARPA Automatic Implementation of Secure Silicon (AISS) program.
19 May:
Green Hills Software Adds Support for the Heterogeneous NXP i.MX 8 Application Processors in Airborne Safety- and Security-Critical Systems
Green Hills Software has announced that its INTEGRITY-178 Time-Variant Unified Multi-Processing RTOS now supports heterogeneous multicore operation on NXP Semiconductor's i.MX 8 applications processors across Arm Cortex-A72 and Cortex-A53 cores for airborne safety-critical and security-critical systems.
12 May:
Eta Compute and Edge Impulse accelerate development and deployment of machine learning at the edge
Eta Compute and Edge Impulse announce that they are partnering to accelerate the development and deployment of machine learning using Eta Compute's revolutionary ECM3532, the world's lowest power Neural Sensor Processor, and Edge Impulse, the leading online TinyML platform, which is Arm-based.
29 Apr:
Silicon Catalyst Collaborates with Arm to Accelerate Semiconductor Startups
Silicon Catalyst, the world’s only incubator focused exclusively on accelerating solutions in silicon, announces that Arm has joined as a Strategic Partner and as an In-Kind Partner. The partnership provides startups with no-cost access to a broad range of Arm IP, tools and support, and further strengthens Silicon Catalyst’s leading role in helping new semiconductor companies address the challenges in moving from idea to realization.
23 Apr:
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS arrives
Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, announced the general availability of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, with a particular emphasis on security and performance. The combination of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Arm Neoverse-based platforms provides developers with a strong foundation for building high-performing and secure applications ready for this next era of compute.
21 Apr:
SiPearl signs a major licensing agreement with Arm for the development of its first-generation of microprocessors
SiPearl, the company that is designing the high-performance, low-power microprocessor for the European exascale1 supercomputer, has signed a licensing agreement with Arm in which SiPearl will use the next-generation high performance, secure, and scalable Arm Neoverse platform, codenamed "Zeus".
1 Apr:
IAR Systems enables secure applications based on NXP’s LPC55S6x Arm Cortex-M33 MCUs
IAR Systems has announced support in its security tool C-Trust for the Arm Cortex-M33 based LPC55S6x MCUs from NXP Semiconductors, which will assist companies in easing the implementation of security in their applications.
25 Mar:
Renesas Electronics and NXP Semiconductors N.V. join the Trusted Firmware Project
Renesas and NXP have joined the Trusted Firmware Project, which was founded for the Arm ecosystem to collaborate on building secure software and solving the complexity of security at scale.
19 Mar:
Enea today announced a partnership with Ampere Computing to develop an innovative Arm-based universal Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE) platform for telco and edge applications.
2 Mar:
Marvell Announces OCTEON TX2 Family of Multi-Core Infrastructure Processors
Fifth generation OCTEON family supports 4 to 36 Armv8-A cores coupled with a comprehensive set of hardware accelerators for networking, security, and wireless infrastructure applications.
24 Feb:
Revolutionary Mellanox ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNICs and BlueField-2 I/O Processing Units Transform Cloud and Data Center Security
Mellanox Technologies, a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end smart interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, today announced the immediate general availability of ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNICs, in addition to the soon-to-be-released BlueField-2 I/O Processing Units (IPUs), with integrated Arm Neoverse-based processors.
5 Dec:
AnSem, a Cyient Company, Joins the Arm Approved Design Partner Program
AnSem, a Cyient Company, has been selected to join the Arm Approved Design Partner program.
3 Dec:
AWS Announces Nine New Compute and Networking Innovations for Amazon EC2
At AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services announced six new Arm-based EC2 instances. The new Arm-based versions of Amazon EC2 M, R, and C instance families, powered by new AWS-designed Graviton2 processors, deliver up to 40% better price/performance than previous generations.
19 Nov:
EasyIC Design Joins Arm Approved Design Partner Program
EasyIC Design has been accepted as a member of the Arm Approved Design Partner Program.
19 Nov:
Rancher Labs Takes Kubernetes to the Edge and Beyond, Expands Product Portfolio
Rancher Labs announced the general availability of K3s, their lightweight, certified Kubernetes distribution purpose built for small footprint workloads, along with the beta release of Rio, their new application deployment engine for Kubernetes that delivers a fully integrated deployment experience from operations to pipeline.
19 Nov:
Cloud Native Computing Foundation Announces Arm as Platinum Member
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), which builds sustainable ecosystems for cloud native software, announced that Arm has extended its membership to platinum.
18 Nov:
NVIDIA CUDA-X AI and HPC Software Stack Now Available on Marvell ThunderX Platforms
Marvell announced the availability of NVIDIA GPU support on its ThunderX® family of Arm®-based server processors.
18 Nov:
NVIDIA and Tech Leaders Team to Build GPU-Accelerated Arm Servers for New Era of Diverse HPC Architectures
NVIDIA introduced a reference design platform that enables companies to quickly build GPU-accelerated Arm®-based servers, driving a new era of high performance computing for a growing range of applications in science and industry.
18 Nov:
Unified Communications X (UCX) Wins 2019 R&D 100 Award from R&D Magazine
The Unified Communication Framework (UCF), a collaboration of industry, laboratories, and academia to create production-grade communication frameworks and open standards for data-centric and high-performance applications, announced that the Unified Communications X (UCX) framework has won a 2019 R&D 100 award.
13 Nov:
Fujitsu Launches New PRIMEHPC Supercomputers Using Fugaku Technology
Fujitsu announced that it will begin global sales of the PRIMEHPC FX1000 and PRIMEHPC FX700 models which are equipped with the world's first A64FX CPU featuring Scalable Vector Extension (SVE), an extension of the Arm®v8-A architecture for supercomputers.
13 Nov:
Cray and Fujitsu Partner to Power Supercomputing in the Exascale Era
Cray and Fujitsu announced a partnership to develop the first-ever commercial supercomputer powered by the Fujitsu A64FX Arm®-based processor with high-memory bandwidth (HBM) and supported on the proven Cray CS500 supercomputer architecture and programming environment.
10 Oct:
GLOBALFOUNDRIES Brings New Level of Security and Protection on 22FDX Platform for Connected Systems
GLOBALFOUNDRIES has announced that it is working with Arm to offer secure system-on-chip (SoC) solutions on GF’s 22FDX® platform, based on FD-SOI, for cellular IoT applications.
9 Oct:
Security Platform Inc. becomes the first OEM to achieve PSA Certified Level 1 status
Security Platform Inc.( the "SPI"), a leading embedded security and IoT system middleware provider has become the first OEM to achieve PSA Certified™ Level 1 status.
8 Oct:
IC’Alps joins Arm Approved Design Partner program to better support customers with ASIC development
IC'Alps has been accepted as a member of the Arm Approved Design Partner Program.
8 Oct:
NXM Unveils Autonomous Security Platform for IoT Devices Enabling Them to Manage Security and Data Privacy Without Human Oversight
NXM is the first independent software vendor to bring Crypto Agility to PSA Certified™ Level 1 which is a key enabler for Autonomous Security.
8 Oct:
Mentor boosts 64-bit Arm-based server platform by enabling Arm architecture support for Questa simulation tools
Mentor, a Siemens business, announced it is working closely with Arm to leverage their own 64-bit Arm Neoverse-based server platform to run best-in-class electronic design automation (EDA) software for the design of next-generation Arm-based processors.
8 Oct:
Cadence Collaborates with Arm and Samsung Foundry on Delivery of 5LPE Flow for Mission-Critical Applications Using Next-Generation “Hercules” CPU
Cadence Design Systems has announced their collaboration with Samsung Foundry and Arm to deliver a complete, high-performance digital implementation and signoff full flow for the rapid implementation of the next-generation Arm “Hercules” CPU using the Samsung Foundry 5nm Low-Power Early (5LPE) process technology.
8 Oct:
Renesas Electronics Unveils RA Family of 32-Bit Arm Cortex-M Microcontrollers with Superior Performance and Advanced Security for Intelligent IoT Applications
Renesas has unveiled the Renesas Advanced (RA) Family of 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M microcontrollers (MCUs).
7 Oct:
Packetcraft Launches Open Source Bluetooth Low Energy Stack, Which is Integrated With Arm Mbed OS for Seamless IoT Connectivity
Packetcraft has announced the launch and open source release of its Bluetooth® Low Energy protocol stack solutions based on Arm® Cordio® software.
7 Oct:
Secure Thingz Contributes to Arm Platform Security Architecture Portfolio with Enhanced Device Security
Secure Thingz, a global domain expert in device security, embedded systems, and lifecycle management, is helping broaden the Platform Security Architecture (PSA) documentation.
7 Oct:
Synopsys Announces Industry-First Unified Functional Safety Verification Solution to Accelerate Time-to-Certification for IPs and SoCs
Synopsys announced the industry's first unified functional safety verification solution to accelerate time to ISO 26262 certification for automotive IP and semiconductor companies targeting the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL D). Arm believes fast verification engines, such as the Synopsys Z01X digital fault simulation technology, are essential to accelerate time-to-compliance.
7 Oct:
Synopsys, Arm, and Samsung Foundry Enable Accelerated Development of Next-Generation Arm "Hercules" Processor on 5LPE Process
Synopsys, Arm, and Samsung have actively collaborated on solutions to enable early adoption of the next-generation Arm®-based processor.
7 Oct:
Qeexo Launches AutoML, a Fully Automated Machine Learning Platform for Sensor Data at the Edge
Qeexo announced the launch of its AutoML product, a one-click, fully automated platform that allows customers to rapidly build machine learning solutions for Edge devices using sensor data. Qeexo has selected the Arm® Cortex™-M0-M4 class MCUs as the first hardware targets to be supported by Qeexo AutoML.
2 Oct: NXP Launches the GHz Microcontroller Era
New dual-core Arm® Cortex®-M based crossover microcontroller (MCU) breaks gigahertz (GHz) barrier and accelerates advanced Machine Learning (ML) applications at the edge.
26 Sep: Los Alamos National Laboratory teams with Arm to develop tailored, efficient processor architectures for extreme-scale computing
Los Alamos National Laboratory announces their collaboration with Arm to make efficient, workload-optimized processors tailored to the extreme-scale computing requirements of the Laboratory's national-security mission. 
23 Sep:
Linaro donates OP-TEE into the Trusted Firmware Project
Linaro has announced that OP-TEE (Open Portable TEE, an open source Arm TrustZone® solution) is moving to become part of the Trusted Firmware open project managed by Linaro.
19 Sep:
Cambridge Consultants Becomes Arm Approved Design Partner
Cambridge Consultants has been named an Arm Approved Design Partner, joining a global network of design service companies.
21 Aug:
Xilinx Announces the World's Largest FPGA Featuring 9 Million System Logic Cells
Xilinx, Inc., the leader in adaptive and intelligent computing, today announced the expansion of its 16nm Virtex® UltraScale+™ family to now include the world's largest FPGA — the Virtex UltraScale+; Arm relies on Xilinx devices as part of the process for validating our next-generation processor IP and SoC technology.
21 Aug:
New Cross-Industry Effort to Advance Computational Trust and Security for Next-Generation Cloud and Edge Computing
The Linux Foundation announced the formation of the Confidential Computing Consortium, a community dedicated to defining and accelerating the adoption of confidential computing. Companies committed to this work include Alibaba, Arm, Baidu, Google Cloud, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Red Hat, Swisscom, and Tencent.
15 Aug:
Stony Brook University to Test Supercomputers for Cutting-Edge, Data-Driven Research
A $5 million grant from the NSF to the Institute of Advanced Computational Science (IACS) will enable researchers to test advanced supercomputing technologies using an Arm-based Cray system. 
15 Aug: Arm, WDC and Qualcomm Announce OpenChain Conformance Activities
Arm, Platinum Member of the OpenChain Project and key participant in the global supply chain, announced conformance with the OpenChain Specification.
7 Aug: GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Arm Demonstrate High-Density 3D Stack Test Chip for High Performance Compute Applications
The new chip was fabricated using GF's 12nm Leading-Performance (12LP) FinFET process and features Arm's mesh interconnect technology in 3D that allows data to take a more direct path to other cores, minimizing latency while increasing data transfer rates as demanded by data centers, edge computing and high-end consumer applications.
29 Jul: Khronos Releases OpenXR 1.0 Specification Establishing a Foundation for the AR and VR Ecosystem
The Khronos® Group, an open consortium of leading hardware and software companies creating advanced acceleration standards, announces the ratification and public release of the OpenXR™ 1.0 specification together with publicly available implementations and substantial ecosystem momentum.