Transformational tools enhanced in Allinea V7.1 release at Teratec

June 28, 2017

Allinea software, now part of ARM, will preview the latest update to its powerful toolsuite for debugging and profiling high performance computing and simulations at Teratec Forum 27 & 28 June 2017, France.

In v7.1, Allinea provides the most comprehensive offer yet for developing and optimizing high performance applications, supporting the widest range of cross-platform technologies for this specialist market with advanced features, all in one product range.
Allinea Forge, the debugger and profiler toolsuite, and Allinea Performance Reports have been upgraded to debug and optimize performance on x86_64, ARM®v8 -A architecture, IBM Power and NVIDIA CUDA, making them true companions for end-to-end optimizations for almost anyone seeking performance gains from their High Performance Computing (HPC).

“Eliminating performance loss across systems and minimizing the communication overhead often make a critical difference in improving application run times in HPC. We believe that our extended cross-platform support will enable users to achieve unprecedented results by running their systems more efficiently on each of the major platforms and even across platforms,” said Mark O’Connor, director of product management, server and HPC tools, ARM. “A great example of cross-platform gains is the addition of profiling capability in our new Forge Professional product for both GPU and IBM Power. Forge Professional also brings access to the serious developer’s dream of custom metrics and advanced energy, PAPI and lustre metrics, which are available in our profiler. These metrics are now also available as standard in v7.1 of Performance Reports, providing valuable pointers to users at all levels of development prowess.”

Since being acquired by ARM in December 2016, Allinea has continued its focus on providing industry leading tools for HPC performance on all the major technologies and has boosted its support for users evaluating the ARM architecture with debugging and enhanced profiling support on ARMv8.

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