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Enabling the dynamic 5G infrastructure with Arm-based solutions

This week at Mobile Word Congress (MWC) Barcelona, the momentum for Arm in 5G was on display as our ecosystem demonstrated new technologies that will continue to drive innovation across 5G.

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Arm CCA will put confidential compute in the hands of every developer

Arm unveils the initial technical specifications for Arm CCA and sharing our vision for the next steps to unlocking the power and full potential of data, by making the benefits of confidential computing accessible to all developers.

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Nvidia blog
NVIDIA, Arm CEOs Share Vision of a Deal Made for a Hypergrowth Era

In an online talk, Jensen Huang and Simon Segars describe a tech industry growing faster than ever and a combined company that will increase competition and opportunity for all.

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Morello Program
Market-Optimized 3nm Physical IP for Armv9-based CPUs

Arm partners are executing on plans for the future of computing today, and already leveraging the secure, powerful processing features of the new Armv9-A architecture to bring their innovations to life in next-generation SoCs.

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Arm empowers MCU software developers to capitalize on IoT potential

Arm announces two new initiatives to provide a step change in productivity for embedded, IoT, ML, and MCU software developers.

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Arm Security Update

Arm has collaborated with key industry players to mitigate this industry-wide issue and have provided the necessary software patches to address the vulnerabilities.

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