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Arm Startup Day is a new, half-day virtual event for young companies building or utilizing next-generation hardware products. The free event will cover how to go from product experimentation to execution with support from Arm and its world-leading ecosystem, industry landscape analysis from leading investors, the opportunities of artificial intelligence and the internet of things and the shared future opportunities for developers at the intersection of hardware and software. Join us on July 27, 2021, from 3pm UTC by registering below.

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Featured Speakers

Dipti Vachani
SVP and General Manager of Automotive & IoT, Arm
Fabio Violante
CEO, Arduino
Gopi Sirineni
CEO, Axiado
Jeff Ma
Vice President, Microsoft for Startups
Jem Davies
VP, Fellow and General Manager of Arm’s Machine Learning Group
Jeff Wittich
Chief Product Officer, Ampere Computing
Miles Kirby
CEO, Deeptech Labs
Ramin Shirani
CEO, Ethernovia
Rich Thanki
MD, Head of Technology and Founder, Jangala
Trina Watt
Chief Marketing Officer, Foundries.io
Yodit Stanton
Founder and CEO, OpenSensors
Zach Shelby
Co-founder and CEO, Edge Impulse


Explore all the sessions planned at Arm Startup Day. The event will be delivered via one dedicated live stream, which will be available from 3pm UTC / 8am PST / 4pm BST on July 27. By registering, you can also access on-demand content anytime, anywhere.


Times are UTC Session Speakers Duration
3pm Welcome to Arm Startup Day
  • Jem Davies, VP, Fellow and General Manager of Arm’s Machine Learning Group
3:05pm How Ampere Computing Achieved Success in Four Years
In 2017, Ampere Computing set out a vision to deliver a new standard for cloud and edge servers. Four years later, the company has introduced new innovations that has dramatically improved computing from hyperscale data centers to processors at the edge. During this Fireside Chat, Ampere's Chief Product Officer, Jeff Wittich will share their journey to success; how Ampere have stayed focused and achieved their goals, development challenges faced along the way and how they’ve overcome them as well as some top tips for young companies beginning their journey.
  • Jeff Wittich, Chief Product Officer, Ampere Computing
  • Jem Davies, VP, Fellow and General Manager of Arm’s Machine Learning Group
3:20pm Developing For The Future
From AI to 5G to supercomputing, this panel will cover how to create a product today that’s fit for the next decade of compute. The discussion will cover some of the biggest challenges the industry faces, such as overcoming some of the issues exposed by COVID-19 including the chip shortage and closing the digital divide as well as key industry trends such as unlocking the benefits of artificial intelligence and how startups can navigate the complex IoT landscape.
  • Bee Hayes-Thakore, Senior Director of Marketing and Partnerships, Kigen (an Arm Company)
  • Michal Gabrielczyk, Head of Edge AI, Cambridge Consultants
  • Rich Thanki, MD, Head of Technology and Founder, Jangala
  • Alastair Hanlon, Chief Commercial Officer, PragmatIC
  • Paul Zuber, System Architect, imec
  • Adil Kidwai, Head of Product Management, EdgeQ
20 min
3:40pm Fireside Chat with Arm and Microsoft
In 2020, entrepreneur, Jeff Ma joined Microsoft as Vice President for their Startup program, supporting their global efforts around the world. This fireside chat will uncover Jeff’s experience establishing successful companies including CircleLending, Citizen Sports and tenXer, what led Jeff to join Microsoft and how together, Arm and Microsoft are supporting startups of all sizes.
  • Jeff Ma, VP, Microsoft for Startups
  • Dipti Vachani, Senior VP and General Manager of Automotive & IoT, Arm
20 min
4:00pm BREAK BREAK 5min
4:05pm Open Discussion with Accomplished Entrepreneurs
Hear from accomplished entrepreneurs in the tech industry to learn what it has taken for them to achieve success as a startup. During this open discussion with Q&A, these founders will share the things they wish they’d have known before starting out, how to stay focused on your goals and top tips for improving your opportunities and achieving success. 
  • Mary Bennion, AI Ecosystem Senior Manager, Arm
  • Fabio Violante, CEO and co-founder, Arduino
  • Zach Shelby, CEO and co-founder, Edge Impulse
  • Chris Olds, Chief Financial Officer, Ultraleap
  • Yodit Stanton, Founder and CEO, OpenSensors
  • Chris Harrison, Co-founder and CTO, Qeexo
20 min
4:25pm Securing Investment and Achieving Success
This fireside chat between successful startup, SPARK Microsystems, Real Ventures and Silicon Catalyst will uncover the process SPARK went through to achieve investor confidence and how Real Ventures and Silicon Catalyst supported them on their journey. The session will also uncover top tips for reaching your goals and satisfying your customers and investors.
  • Fares Mubarak, CEO, SPARK Microsystems
  • Mark McDowell, Partner, Real Ventures
  • Nick Kepler, Chief Operating Officer, Silicon Catalyst
4:40pm Opportunities at the Intersection of Hardware and Software
This panel session will uncover the benefits hardware and software startups can harness through innovating together, including faster development times and improved performance. The discussion will explore the challenges and complexities facing hardware designers and software developers today and opportunities these communities face with new technology, tools, and skills to innovate fast together – whatever the target application.
  • Mohamed Awad, VP IoT Business, Arm
  • George Grey, CEO, Foundries.io
  • Ramin Shirani, CEO, Ethernovia
  • Gopi Sirineni, CEO, Axiado
  • Yodit Stanton, Founder and CEO, OpenSensors
  • Marco Ciaffi, Co-founder and VP Engineering, Dover Microsystems
  • Sriram Rajagopal, Head of Systems Engineering, EdgeQ
5pm The ‘Chipageddon’ Effect on Our Industry
Coined ‘chipageddon’, the global electronics shortage could dramatically slow innovation across our industry. Leading technology hub, VentureLab share their perspective on how startups can overcome some of the challenges faced by today’s chip shortage and the opportunities that will arise for startups in the coming months.
  • Matt Skinner, CEO, VentureLAB
5:10pm BREAK BREAK 5min
5:15pm A Social Enterprise Changing the World For The Better
In 2015, Jangala set out a mission to enable internet access for people in need of urgent humanitarian aid or longer-term development assistance. However, as the COVID-19 crisis hit in 2020 and the world went online, they realized the digital divide between communities, cities and entire nations had become more marginalized than ever before. Join this Fireside Chat to hear about Jangala's journey from a crowdfunded project to an established not-for-profit.
  • Bee Hayes-Thakore, Senior Director of Marketing and Partnerships, Kigen (an Arm Company)
  • Rich Thanki, MD, Head of Technology and Founder, Jangala
5:30pm Turning Unique Deep Tech Ideas into Reality with Leading Venture Capitalist, Miles Kirby
The challenges startups face are no secret but they are even more intense if you are a Deep Tech startup: you need to build your technology, validate market demand & business model, build a team while finding investors who understand your product to secure the funding you need to succeed. Join this session with Miles Kirby – CEO of Deeptech Labs to hear how, as a seed stage startup you can move from prototype to product at scale and fast. Miles will share his experience as a leading international Venture Capitalist, including some top tips on how to move through the ‘valley of death’ between Seed and Series A, what VCs look for and how Deeptech Labs can help you succeed.
  • Miles Kirby, CEO of Deeptech Labs
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More For You To Explore

Explore the additional tech talks that will be available to you after Arm Startup Day. Register for the live event to access these sessions on-demand.

IisC and the IDB: Leading Taiwan Startups To Market

Hear from the Integrated IoT Service Center (IisC) and the Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) to understand how they are helping startups get to market quickly, get the support you need, whilst delivering innovative products.

Getting Your Arm-based System to Market and In Production

Tim Hiller, Engineering Director at Nuvation Research will share his advice on mitigating risk, optimizing schedule and ensuring success when it comes to getting your IC to market quickly and efficiently.

Silicon Realization of Large SoCs in Advanced FinFET Technologies

Hear from Ozgur Gursoy, Senior Business Development Manager at imec as he shares some of the misconceptions and differences of a design implementation in FinFet w.r.t. bulk CMOS in terms planning, cost and design tools.

Supporting Partners

Thank you to many of Arm’s partners for supporting the event.