Our Impact

When you work with great people – and those with incredible potential – everything you do at Arm will make billions of lives better.

Intrinsic to technology

We're intrinsic to the development of technology in billions of products, which touch the lives of more than 80% of the world's population. From bankers to farmers, students to surgeons, and start-ups to leading companies, we're bringing people and devices increasingly together as we shape the connected world.

  • Arm technology is pervasive in mobile devices used by people around the world to communicate and connect.
  • Arm technology is being used to share information that helps increase crop yields for subsistence farmers by 50%.
  • Smart motors controlled by an Arm-based chip can use 40% less power compared to conventional motors.
  • Energy efficient Arm-based servers and networking infrastructure can reduce data center energy usage.

Our ecosystem

The Arm ecosystem is a connected community of over a thousand worldwide companies that develop products and services around Arm technology. From semiconductor manufacturers, design automation and tools providers, to operating systems and application software vendors: this rich ecosystem deploys and complements Arm technology's application into a broad range of markets.

Our global groups

Arm people are extraordinarily diverse, comprising a community of dedicated, innovative and talented professionals. Working at Arm means you're connected to a worldwide network of leading technologists. You can share and enhance your insights and skills with brilliant individuals working in a rich range of disciplines.

What each group does

Our worldwide groups all contribute to the development and deployment of technology that is shaping a more energy-efficient and connected world.

  • Our engineering groups
    • Architecture & Technology

      Our Architecture and Technology group innovates around processor instruction set architecture, microarchitecture and programing models. In addition to conventional CPU architectures, they work in areas including throughput-compute, vector engines, many-core, configurable processors and hardware accelerators.

    • Business Lines

      At Arm, we know that IP building blocks and SoC's are not enough to be successful in a market. The Business Line group acts to accelerate the adoption of Arm technology and open up new markets for Arm products by complementing the activities of our product groups and segment marketing team.

    • CPU

      Arm processors are the brains in billions of diverse electronic devices. Our CPU group defines, designs and validates all of Arm's processor IP and collaborates with the world's leading technology companies.

    • Development Solutions

      Our Development Solutions group is responsible for Arm models and software development tools, including DS-5, Keil MDK and contributions to open source projects. These products are used by our engineers and customers to design, debug and optimize their Arm-based products.

    • Internet of Things (IoT)

      Our IoT engineers are enabling the sensors, controllers and other embedded intelligence which will create a future where billions of devices are connected to each other.

    • Media Processing

      Our Media Processing group creates graphics, video, display and other multi-media technology for devices ranging from wearables and smartphones to DTVs and automobiles. Through the deployment of hardware, operating system software and gaming middleware, they collaborate with key players in this fast paced industry to shape the future of visual technology.

    • Partner Enablement

      Our Partner Enablement group helps our partners bring efficient solutions to market quickly by working closely with their engineers and our Arm design groups. This group also provides technical communications and training to enable customers to get the best out of Arm products.

    • Physical IP Design

      Our Physical IP Design group provides world-class support for processor implementations, carried out by the leading semiconductor companies. As these companies rely increasingly on our silicon foundry partners for outsourced manufacturing, the group's role is growing in significance.

    • Project Management

      Excellent project management is crucial to the success of our global projects. Our project managers collaborate with the licensing, engineering and marketing teams to lead, plan and direct projects to ensure that Arm delivers to our business partners effectively and efficiently.

    • Research

      Research is paramount to Arm: we invest millions in researching new products and propositions, nurturing ideas and developing technology that will grow our ecosystem. As part of these activities, we partner and collaborate closely with universities worldwide.

    • Systems and Software

      Our Systems and Software group focuses on the integration of hardware and software. They are experts in the entire system stack – from hardware design to user application space, including security.

    • Technical Operations

      Our Technical Operations group is responsible for providing our engineering community with a world-class platform to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the IP development process.

    • Wireless Business Unit

      Our Wireless Business Unit develops the next generation of low power wireless IP, offering complete qualified systems with RF, Modem, Link management and Stack software. Using Arm wireless IP, our customers can rapidly create innovative IoT products and services.

  • Our corporate groups
    • Corporate Operations

      Corporate Operations work in a number of teams to contribute to the smooth running of Arm, ranging from travel, facilities & property management, business planning, procurement, compliance and audit.

    • Corporate Responsibility

      Our Corporate Responsibility team is a small group delivering measurable impacts that influence and change millions of lives for the better, by providing new opportunities in line with Arm's overall business strategy and through volunteering initiatives such as TeamArm.

    • Finance

      Our Finance teams are dedicated to ensuring Arm can best utilize our capital structure to meet our long term strategic and financial goals.

    • IT

      The diversity of our IT team touches every part of Arm. They are dedicated to delivering consistent and reliable global services by providing resilient engineering platforms and systems, as well as embedding a common approach to planning and executing business change projects.

    • Legal

      Our group of lawyers and trusted advisors protect Arm's assets, including what is key to our success – the extraordinary intellectual property created by our people.

    • Marketing

      Our global marketing teams focus on corporate marketing, new business ventures, strategic alliances, competitive strategy and segment marketing. Crucial to their work is identifying business development opportunities and building partnerships.

    • People team

      Our People team enables everyone at Arm to achieve the extraordinary in their careers. They are highly consultative experts, organized into communities of excellence that include organizational effectiveness, services, talent, reward, systems and internal communications.

    • Sales

      Our global Sales team defines, articulates and executes strategies to maximize the business opportunities for Arm's ecosystem partners. Their work includes identifying, validating and quantifying new areas of business growth.

Your career path

Arm is the choice if you want to defy the ordinary and architect your own individual path. Arm offers you the opportunity to grow and tailor your career paths across our many disciplines.

Innovation and invention

Because we're dedicated to constant innovation and continual invention, there are almost unlimited opportunities for you to ensure your career is continuously evolving.