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Arm Flexible Access Data Sheet

Arm Flexible Access includes many of Arm’s most popular IP products, used in billions of devices. New IP is added regularly and we offer 5-year availability commitments to allow you to plan your product roadmap.

The Linley Group: Arm Ecosystem Reduces SoC Design Cost and Time to Market

A leading industry analyst explains how the Arm ecosystem helps reduce SoC design cost and accelerate time to market.

Arm Flexible Access  - Design with Confidence

*Based on Arm and third-party data for development of a new medium complexity SoC on 28Nm node.

Helping Customers Succeed

In just over a year, more than 75 companies have signed up to be part of Arm Flexible Access – from innovative startups to established international enterprises to ASIC providers.


AI Microprocessor for Edge Devices

Avi Baum, cofounder and CTO

“From our first-generation Hailo technology, we wanted to work with an IP provider that had a strong pedigree of providing validated, widely adopted technologies in the marketplace. Clearly Arm was the choice.”


Touch and Display ICs

Saleel Awsare, SVP and GM, IoT Division

“Now, we have unfettered evaluation access to a portfolio of IP solutions, tools and support and this greatly reduces the turn-around time for new feature evaluations, helping us optimize product development sched.”


Atmosic Technologies
Low-Power IoT Solution

Ali Bukhari, director of product marketing

“Thanks to the design freedom that comes with Arm Flexible Access, engineering can pivot without financial consequence. This delivers peace of mind to decision-makers on the development side.”

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I’ve been amazed by the positive customer reaction to Arm Flexible Access.

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Nivetha Sundararajan

Senior Account Manager, Cambridge, UK

Nivetha Sundararajan, Senior Account Manager, Cambridge, UK