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Join Us at Arm Startup Day 2021

Arm Startup Day is a new, half-day virtual event for young companies building or utilizing next-generation hardware products.

Arm Startup Day

Arm Startup Day is a new, half-day virtual event for young companies building or utilizing next-generation hardware products. The free event will cover how to go from product experimentation to execution with support from Arm and its world-leading ecosystem, industry landscape analysis from leading investors, the opportunities of artificial intelligence and the internet of things and the shared future opportunities for developers at the intersection of hardware and software.

Jeff Ma – author, serial entrepreneur and Vice President of Startups at Microsoft, is a featured speaker at Arm Startup Day. We asked him what the first thing entrepreneurs should do when starting a company is.

His answer? Find a problem that really, really annoys people.

“You want to start a company because you are passionate about a problem you want to solve and not just start a company,” says Ma, who was also a member of the MIT Blackjack team chronicled in “Bringing Down the House” and in his spare time serves as an expert commentator on predictive analytics for ESPN. “It can’t be the seventh problem customers have on their mind. It has to be one of the top three problems.”

A half-day event taking place July 27, 2021, Arm Startup Day will focus on the landscape for startups, how young companies can take advantage of the technological shifts unleashed by artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IoT), 5G and how they can accelerate their growth by collaborating with the Arm ecosystem.

Other speakers at Arm Startup Day include:

  • Jeff Wittich, Chief Product Officer at Ampere Computing, which in a four-year span has gone from being a concept to a leading provider of cloud processors to Oracle, ByteDance, and others
  • Rich Thanki, MD, co-founder of Jangala, which has created an easy-to-configure briefcase-size box built for providing internet connectivity to the 3.5 billion people still offline
  • Paul Zuber, Systems Architect and frequently published author at IMEC, one of the world’s premier R&D hubs for nano and digital technologies
  • Zach Shelby, CEO of Edge Impulse, which has created a platform for merging sensor data inside grids, industrial operations and other challenging environments for analytics
  • Miles Kirby, international Venture Capitalist and CEO of Deeptech Labs, an accelerator aimed at supporting the next generation of game-changing tech startups
  • Fares Mubarak, CEO of Spark Microsystems, which says it can fulfill the promise of UWB with low-latency, low-power wireless for IoT
  • Dipti Vachani, SVP and General Manager of Arm’s Automotive and IoT Groups

The state of VC investing

Semiconductors, hardware and “platform” software startups are currently in the midst of a renaissance. Ten years ago, many VCs were coming off the disappointment of the relatively hardware-centric Cleantech 1.0 and shifting more of their focus to customer-facing applications and services.

While consumer investing remains vibrant, the explosion of data created by these new applications–along with the need for better latency, battery life, security that came with popularity–ignited a need for innovation at the system level that is growing by the year. AI and IoT for urgent, real-world problems like grid management also graduated from concepts to concrete products, fueling demand and further innovation.

Gartner now counts over 50 firms building chips dedicated to AI, a market the firm says could grow from $20 billion to over $70 billion by 2025. VCs put $2.64 billion into semi startups in the first quarter, a record, and followed in April with four semiconductor companies alone raised $1.2 billion. Meanwhile, venture investing hit an all-time high in the first quarter.

“As we are familiar today, there is more data generated in one year than the past decade in total,” Roger Hsu, investment manager of Arm IoT Capital Partners, told TechCrunch in June. “Computing architecture originated in (the 1970s or 1980s) for more of a generic purpose and didn’t anticipate nor build for such huge amounts of data whether in processing, storage or data transmission, and that will just grow exponentially each year.”

Companies that are part of this trend (and who will speak at the event) include Ethernovia, which is developing a virtualized Ethernet system to meet the stringent bandwidth requirements of tomorrow’s cars, and OpenSensors, which aims to make sustainable, data-powered workplace solutions that efficiently measure workplace utilization, space occupancy and air quality data.”

Dover Microsystems, meanwhile, has created a processing core for SoCs that monitors every instruction to prevent ransomware attacks, Stuxnet-like attacks and other security problems.

Another speaker is George Grey of, which has created a cloud-based platform for streamlining the process of developing edge and IoT devices.  

Is it too late to start?

No. Being the first mover can be overrated, says Ma. Being too far ahead of the curve can be worse. For an entrepreneur, it’s more important to focus on the precise nature of the problem and provide a unique solution.

And don’t worry about your star power pitch as much as the feedback you get from would-be buyers.

“Talk to people. Try to validate the idea. You can’t underestimate it (the customer discovery process),” he added. “Entrepreneurs will always be good at selling their ideas. Sometimes, I tell them, ‘You are going to have to dial back the charm.’”

We hope to see you at Arm Startup Day 2021!

Arm Startup Day 2021

Nowhere is the concentration of innovation greater than in start-up stage companies. Arm’s entire ethos is entwined with the value of creating diverse ecosystems that encourage the rapid adoption of technologies to unlock new possibilities – exactly the environment where start-ups thrive. Together with our unique partner ecosystem, Arm can give you and potential investors the confidence needed to translate a transformational idea from inspiration to production.

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