Avnet Electronics Marketing and ARM Launch Embedded Software Store

26 October 2011

New online software marketplace accelerates innovation for ARM technology-based embedded System-on-Chips

PHOENIX, Arizona and CAMBRIDGE, UK – October 26, 2011 – Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), and ARM today announced the launch of the Embedded Software Store - an online information and e-Commerce-based website dedicated to the embedded design community. The Embedded Software Store accelerates software innovation for embedded applications by enabling users to easily locate available software supporting the ARM architecture. At launch, the site will provide software downloads from a wide range of partners that are active in the ARM Connected Community® and Avnet’s partner ecosystem. The number of partners is expected to grow as the site seeks to consolidate a large number of high-value software options within a single domain.

Users can choose from a broad array of reputable embedded software vendors, including ARM, CMX Systems, Inc., DSP Concepts, Micrium, Motomic, YaSSL, and others. New software vendors are invited to join the initiative on an ongoing basis. The site also offers a quick download delivery system and preview of all license agreements in advance of purchase. Users are encouraged to participate in the Embedded Software Store’s online community to create a strong ecosystem of software support for ARM technology.

“Software has become a differentiating factor as consumers continue to demand higher levels of performance and increased functionality in their smart devices,” said Tudor Brown, President, ARM. “ARM and Avnet have leveraged our industry leadership and extensive partner ecosystems to develop a comprehensive one-stop-shop for accessing, evaluating and acquiring software. The Embedded Software Store provides easy access to a broad range of software, and this is important for designers as they seek to accelerate innovation.”

“The partnering of our two innovative companies – ARM and Avnet – is what makes this solution possible,” said Harley Feldberg, president of Avnet Electronics Marketing, global. “Today more than ever, customers are facing time-to-market issues and extreme cost pressures. Product cycles are shrinking and demands on engineering developers are expanding. The Embedded Software Store is a marketplace that offers solid choices over a broad range of readily developed software, at competitive prices and proven quality. This is a solution the industry has been waiting for.”

The Embedded Software Store will be showcased at ARM TechCon 2011 at the Santa Clara Convention center, Oct. 25 – 27. The site is fully operational and accessible at www.embeddedsoftwarestore.com 

“Adeneo Embedded sees the ARM Embedded Software Store as a great opportunity to leverage its strategic collaboration with Avnet on a Worldwide basis providing a full complement of reference solutions, BSPs, Drivers, System Architecture Design reviews and dedicated support contracts fully sustained by our global engineering offices.” Yannick Chammings, CEO, Adeneo Embedded.

“We believe the Embedded Software Store will enable engineers to efficiently locate and acquire the best of breed tools and technology from a single, trusted source. By supplying our CMX embedded software products on this online marketplace portal, we will significantly reduce the amount of time and resources our customers will spend in acquiring embedded tools and technologies.” Chuck Behrmann, CEO, CMX Systems.

“We are very pleased to be a part of the Embedded Software Store. We are confident that this application store is going be a great way to promote our User Experience software. We look forward to success at selling our embedded user experience software to the Avnet/ARM customer base.” Karl Zhao, CEO and founder , DigiLink Software, Inc.

"We welcome the Embedded Software Store and see this new marketplace as an integral part of the ARM, Avnet ecosystem. Being able to match up product developers and technology providers will simplify application development and reduce time to market. The Embedded Software Store will be the primary sales channel for our high performance DSP Library for the ARM Cortex-A8 and A9.” Paul Beckmann, CEO/CTO, DSP Concepts.

“With today’s challenges in the embedded software world, providing a web based store will fuel innovation and increase deployment of new technologies to tomorrow’s products. What often holds companies back from advancing their products with new technology features by leveraging the full range of advanced technologies found in ARM IP-based microcontrollers, is the cost of training, acquiring the required design expertise outside of the company’s core competencies, software development and maintainence. We strongly believe the ARM store will reduce these barriers and allow increased innovation and growth facilitating a quantum leap for electronic products development.” Todd Burghgraef, principal member, Genesys Ideation.

“The Embedded Software Store will establish a global market for software on ARM controllers and provide a huge benefit to both suppliers and developers by bringing a diverse range of embedded software options straight to the engineers desktop” Dave Hughes, CEO, HCC Embedded.

“We are excited to be one of the initial companies invited to participate in the Embedded Software Store sponsored by ARM and Avnet. InterNiche has been providing a wide range of source code networking modules for ARM processors since 1997 and believes this new and comprehensive online marketplace will enable an easy access to embedded software solutions. InterNiche is pleased to offer a full range of networking protocol modules as source code libraries for companies who need complete control over the software in their solution. The Embedded Software Store provides an ideal channel for accessing, evaluating and purchasing these libraries.” Larry Larder, president, InterNiche

“Micrium is proud to be part of the new Avnet/ARM Embedded Software Store. We believe that Micrium and the Embedded Software Store are perfectly positioned to provide high quality, robust, and thoroughly tested software for the embedded system developer through this innovative and customer centric marketplace.” Jean Labrosse, CEO, Micrium Inc.

“We all know the Internet-of-Things era is upon us. There will be a wave of billions and billions of devices that will be connected. Embedded Software Store will be the easiest, fastest way for the developer community to get their hands on components to assemble entire solutions – we are excited that the microButterfly embedded browser will be a part of those solutions.” Mike Gee, CEO, Motomic Software.

“The combined Avnet and ARM software distribution website is a break-through in terms of customer efficiency. Fast and efficient comparisons across multiple hardware, tool and operating system vendors will save designers large amounts of time and potentially tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Kim Rowe, founder and president, RoweBots Research Inc.

"As an ARM partner for 9+ years, SoftRISC company has deployed embedded VoIP, multimedia, and mobile cellular software solutions on several ARM architectures to leading customers. ARM and Avnet's Embedded Software Store online platform is certainly a game changer in the way SoftRISC will approach customers and conduct business. It is a win-win for ARM, Avnet, Vendors and end-customers." Ashok Setty, founder and president, SoftRISC

"YaSSL is thrilled to be involved in the Embedded Software Store. We believe it will be an essential new avenue for device developers in the ARM community who want to drive their new products to market at lightning speed." Larry Stefonic, founder, YaSSL

About Avnet Electronics Marketing
Avnet Electronics Marketing is an operating group of Phoenix-based Avnet, Inc. that serves electronic original equipment manufacturers (EOEMs) and electronic manufacturing services (EMS) providers in more than 70 countries, distributing electronic components from leading manufacturers and providing associated design-chain and supply-chain services. The group's website is located at www.em.avnet.com.

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About Avnet, Inc.
Avnet, Inc. (NYSE:AVT), a Fortune 500 company, is one of the largest distributors of electronic components, computer products and embedded technology serving customers in more than 70 countries worldwide. Avnet accelerates its partners' success by connecting the world's leading technology suppliers with a broad base of more than 100,000 customers by providing cost-effective, value-added services and solutions. For the fiscal year ended July 2, 2011, Avnet generated revenue of $26.5 billion. For more information, visit www.avnet.com

About ARM
ARM designs the technology that is at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices. ARM's comprehensive product offering includes 32-bit RISC microprocessors, graphics processors, video engines, enabling software, cell libraries, embedded memories, high-speed connectivity products, peripherals and development tools. Combined with comprehensive design services, training, support and maintenance, and the company's broad Partner community, they provide a total system solution that offers a fast, reliable path to market for leading electronics companies. Find out more about ARM by following these links:

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