ARM Demonstrates Advanced Wireless Technology at 3GSM

08 February 2005

ARM Booth Highlights Advances in Energy Management, Security, Multimedia Graphics and Modelling

Visitors to the ARM booth at this year's 3GSM World Congress (14-17 February) will have the chance to meet and speak to ARM experts and also experience five ARM technology demonstrations illustrating ARM’s ability to lead in power and performance management, wireless innovation and security. The technology demonstrations include:

ARM Intelligent Energy Manager (IEM)
ARM Intelligent Energy Manager (IEM) technology enables designers of battery-powered products to offer extended battery life through dynamic and intelligent management of their product.  The 3GSM demonstration is a full software implementation of IEM technology, highlighting the ability of IEM technology to intelligently reduce the processor's performance point to conserve energy. From a user's perspective, they would see no discernable deterioration in application performance.

ARM Jazelle® and JTEK™ Technology– High Performance Java Without Penalty
The 3GSM demonstration shows the performance difference Jazelle technology and JTEK make with real Java applications. Two identical platforms are shown, consisting of a RealView® Versatile platform baseboard for the ARM926EJ-S™ processor (130MHz) running Linux with JBlend from Aplix. One platform has Jazelle and JTEK, the other is running without hardware acceleration.

Jazelle technology is the optimum solution for embedded Java platforms, providing:

  • High performance with real applications
  • Fast start-up and constant speed giving excellent user experience
  • Minimal memory overhead
  • Low power-consumption
  • New opportunities for developers as Jazelle technology becomes mass market

ARM TrustZone™ Technology
ARM is demonstrating two key applications of its TrustZone technology framework.  The first demonstrates an advanced mobile DRM client, developed jointly by ARM and NDS, that addresses the requirements of all stakeholders. The DRM client provides mobile operators and handset manufacturers the solution they need to access and securely deliver premium content like video and music clips, sports news, and information.

The second demonstration shows how the same approach can be applied to electronic signature and e-wallet services.  In this case, ARM demonstrates the OrangeTrust Electronic signature service together with Trusted Logic, the industry leader in embedded software security and middleware. This service provides the foundation for security primitives and a common software framework and APIs enabling compatibility and roaming or services and applications developed on top.

MBX 3D Hardware Acceleration and Swerve Client 3D Software
MBX and Swerve Client were developed in collaboration with Imagination technologies and Superscape respectively. This demonstration shows Swerve Client with MBX hardware acceleration running on the Dell Axim device.  MBX accelerated 2D and 3D graphics under Symbian using OpenGL ES API running on the RealView Versatile platform baseboard

  • MBX hardware acceleration brings high quality 3D graphics to mobile devices
  • Swerve Client enables 3D Java (JSR-184) and native games to be delivered over-the-air
  • Combined, MBX and Swerve Client provide a high performance 3D mobile gaming platform

ARM RealView ESL Tools with MaxSim™ Technology
ARM RealView ESL tools with MaxSim technology provide a comprehensive toolset for fast modelling simulation and debugging of complex SoC designs. This demonstration will illustrate the benefits of this modelling technology, including the ability to:

  • Develop software months prior to hardware prototype
  • Early integration of algorithms, hardware, and software
  • Benefit from extensive portfolio of ARM and third-party IP models



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