Artisan Components Announces Availability Of New SAGE-HS™ High-Speed Standard Cell Library

21 March 2002

SUNNYVALE, Calif., -- March 21, 2002 -- Artisan Components, Inc., (Nasdaq: ARTI), a leading provider of semiconductor intellectual property (IP), today announced the availability of its SAGE-HS High-Speed Standard Cell Library. The new SAGE-HS Library complements the proven technology of the SAGE-X Library by providing significantly higher performance with minimal area increase.

For the first time, designers can choose between two cell libraries for use in different parts of the same design: the SAGE-HS High-Speed Library for cell blocks that require the highest performance and the SAGE-X Library for cell blocks that require both speed and area optimization. The SAGE-HS Library has a rich set of almost 600 cells and over 150 functions and can offer up to 30% speed improvement. The library is architected with Artisan's time-tested Process-Perfect™ development flow and includes simulation models for industry-leading timing, synthesis, power, place-and-route and DFT tools. SAGE-HS evaluation kits for TSMC's 0.18-micron generic process and 0.13-micron low-voltage process are now available for downloading from Artisan's web site.

"Artisan is committed to complementing our free library offering with application specific products that can be purchased to provide designers more choices on the speed-power-area continuum," said Neal Carney, Artisan's vice president of marketing. "Artisan's new SAGE-HS Library allows designers to make the right performance vs. area decision for each block on their chip. This solution enables better designs and quicker timing closure for our customers."

Product Availability
The SAGE-HS Standard Cell Library's evaluation kits for TSMC's CL018G and CL013LV-LK (standard Vt) processes are immediately available and can be downloaded by licensed customers from Artisan's web site at http://access.arm.com.

About Artisan Components
Artisan Components, Inc., (Nasdaq: ARTI) is a world leader in intellectual property (IP) components, providing high-quality solutions for many of the world's leading semiconductor foundries, integrated device manufacturers, ASIC vendors and IC design teams. Artisan's Process-Perfect™ memory generators, standard cell and I/O libraries are optimized to achieve the full-speed, density and low-power potential of each semiconductor process. Each product is verified using the industry's most comprehensive QA and validation procedures and delivered ready to use with a complete set of views and models supporting leading design tools. Artisan's headquarters are located at 141 Caspian Court, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1013.


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