Industry Collaboration Results In Publication Of ABI For ARM Architecture

04 December 2003

What:  ARM has published the Application Binary Interface (ABI) for the ARM® architecture.  This specification has been developed in collaboration with companies including Intel, Metrowerks, Montavista, Nexus Electronics, PalmSource, Symbian and Wind River, and promotes portability of binary code and inter-operability of software development tools across the full range of industry-proven operating systems (OS).
 Why: Compliance to the ABI by tool chains will enable software developers to integrate binary code from multiple sources regardless of which tool chain was used. Price and time-to-market benefits are achieved as the specification enables the choice of the most appropriate tool chain based on its suitability for the specific development.
 Availability: The ABI specification for the ARM architecture is now available at: http://www.arm.com/products/DevTools/ABI.html.  The ARM RealView® Developer Suite v2.0 complies with the ABI specification now. ARM's GNU tools solution for the ABI will be available in 2004.
 Who: ARM is the industry's leading provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor solutions. The company licenses its high-performance, low-cost, power-efficient RISC processors, peripherals, and system-on-chip designs to leading international electronics companies. ARM also provides comprehensive support required in developing a complete system.






















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