ARM Expands Its Smart Card Product Portfolio with ARM SecurJC Technology

18 November 2003

CAMBRIDGE, UK – Nov. 18, 2003 –ARM, [(LSE:ARM);(Nasdaq:ARMHY)], the industry's leading provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor solutions, today announced at Cartes & IT Security 2003, Paris, France, ARM® SecurJC™ technology, the first openly licensable Java CardTM virtual machine solution optimized for ARM SecurCore™ SC100™ and SC200™ CPUs. This new technology will shorten the time-to-market for high performance, high security Java Card technology-based smart cards. Available for licensing now, the ARM SecurJC solution is appropriate for any type of smart card application including SIM (subscriber identity module for mobile phones), secure banking, government identification and contactless mass transit cards.

The ARM SecurJC technology eliminates the need to re-develop an entire Java Card implementation, enabling developers to concentrate on application design and shorten what is traditionally the most time and resource-consuming element in the design cycle. The use of the SecurJC virtual machine on top of the SecurCore platform makes an additional step in cost-efficiency for 32-bit smart cards solutions, while leveraging Java Card applications interoperability across smart card vendors, a key success factor for wide adoption

"The growing demand for smart cards is creating a need in the industry for technologies that facilitate the timely delivery of high performance, secure products," said Dominique Lutz, secure segment manager, ARM. "With the Java Card platform as a de-facto standard, companies that utilize the combination of the ARM SecurJC technology with the ARM SecurCore™ microprocessors, will benefit from a leading-edge integrated Java Card solution, ready to use for next-generation smart card applications development."

"The ARM SecurJC solution, compliant with latest Java Card 2.2.1 Platform specification announced by Sun at Cartes 2003, is an important contribution within the Sun licensees community," said Florian Tournier, Java Card product manager, Sun Microsystems. "By integrating the latest functionality in the Java Card platform, the ARM high performance, 32-bit technology-based Java Card product is well positioned to support the requirements for 2G and 3G SIM cards in mobile telephony. It will also successfully address growing Java Card markets such as ID, banking and contactless cards for mass transit or m-commerce."

The ARM SecurJC solution, a comprehensive Java Card virtual machine, is also compliant with the latest Global Platform 2.1.1 spec from the GlobalPlatform organization, which facilitates the development and the deployment of secure multi-application smart card solutions.

About SecurCore
The ARM SecurCore family provides unique, 32-bit solutions for smart card and secure IC development, offering system designers access to ARM processor cores to create fast, secure e-commerce, banking, networking, mobile multimedia, identification and mass transit solutions. In addition to very small die size, low-power consumption, code density and performance, the SecurCore family incorporates special security features to help resist power and timing attacks. The family also offers Jazelle® acceleration technology for the rapidly growing Java Card platform. The ARM SecurCore family includes the SC100 core, the SC110™ core, the SC200 core and the SC210™ core, providing a broad range of processors offering all the benefits of the industry's leading high-performance, low-power 32-bit RISC technology, with significant design enhancements that make the ARM approach ideal for secure applications.

About ARM
ARM is the industry's leading provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor solutions. The company licenses its high-performance, low-cost, power-efficient RISC processors, peripherals, and system-on-chip designs to leading international electronics companies. ARM also provides comprehensive support required in developing a complete system. ARM's microprocessor cores are rapidly becoming a volume RISC standard in such markets as portable communications, hand-held computing, multimedia digital consumer and embedded solutions. More information on ARM is available at http://www.arm.com/ .

ARM and Jazelle are registered trademarks of ARM Limited. SecurJC, SecurCore, SC100, SC110, SC200 and SC210 are trademarks of ARM Limited. "ARM" is used to represent ARM Holdings plc (LSE: ARM and Nasdaq: ARMHY); its operating company ARM Limited; and the regional subsidiaries ARM INC.; ARM KK; ARM Korea Ltd.; ARM Taiwan; ARM France SAS; ARM Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.; and ARM Belgium.

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