ARM Announces New ARM11 Cores And Platform Support For Trusted Computing

13 October 2003

ARM1176JZ-S core, ARM1176JZF-S core and PrimeXsys Platform to support enhanced security and lower power for consumer and wireless devices.

CAMBRIDGE, UK – Oct. 13, 2003 –ARM, [(LSE:ARM);(Nasdaq:ARMHY)], the industry's leading provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor solutions, today announced at the Microprocessor Forum, San Jose, Calif., two additional new ARM11™ family microprocessors, the ARM1176JZ-S™ core and the ARM1176JZF-S™ core. These new CPUs also power a new version of the ARM11 core family-based PrimeXsys™ Platform. The new CPUs and PrimeXsys Platform are the first products to implement ARM® TrustZone™ technology for enhanced security in open operating system applications for portable and consumer devices, and are the first to integrate support for ARM Intelligent Energy Manager technology which reduces processor energy usage by up to 75 percent. The ARM1176JZ-S core and the ARM1176JZF-S core are based on the ARMv6 instruction set architecture and are targeted at service providers and operators that need to deliver products that support e-commerce and secure download of content through these next-generation of consumer devices.

The new cores and platform with the ARM TrustZone technology provide built-in support to meet the needs for enhanced security in next-generation consumer and wireless devices. The combination of TrustZone technology with trusted software can protect the operating system, the protocol stack and the network against attack as well as securing users' e-commerce data and downloadable applications, games and media content. ARM TrustZone technology enables protection of code and data across the entire memory architecture, for the first time in the embedded, portable and consumer computing market space.

"As concern continues to increase over security in next-generation consumer and wireless devices, a trusted computing environment is required to meet the critical data protection and privacy needs of operators, service providers and consumers," said David Cormie, CPU product manager, ARM. "The integration of ARM TrustZone technology into the new cores and platform provides an ideal foundation for trusted computing devices. For the first time, system designers can address security with the TrustZone technology at the very heart of their chip. Users will benefit from a wider choice of down-loadable content, and operators from increased revenue-generation, without compromising the security of the network."

The new cores and platform also integrate support for the new ARM Intelligent Energy Manager (IEM) technology which reduces processor energy usage by up to 75 percent providing extended battery life or talk time for mobile users. In addition, the new cores include the AMBA™ 3.0 AXI System Bus Interface for higher memory bandwidth, simplified interconnect design and reduced time to market. Both cores integrate ARM Jazelle® technology for efficient embedded Java execution. The ARM1176JZF-S core also includes a floating-point coprocessor, which makes it particularly appropriate for embedded 3D graphics applications. Both cores are synthesizable and are expected to achieve 333-550MHz worst-case performance on a range of 0.13-micron processes.

Together, the ARM1176JZ(F)-S cores and the PrimeXsys Platform provide a secure, low-power design including an AMBA 3.0 AXI backbone, control for dynamic frequency and voltage scaling, and a system-level TrustZone hardware and software reference design. The platform also includes ARM CoreSight™ technology, announced today, to provide a world leading debug and trace solution Forum (see press release…CoreSight Debug and Trace Technology Available for Complete System-on-Chip Designs… Oct. 13, 2000).

Both the ARM1176JZ-S core and the ARM1176JZF-S core include the ARM-Synopsys RTL to GDSII Reference Methodology within the deliverables. The reference methodology significantly streamlines the process used by ARM Partners to port synthesizable ARM microprocessor cores to their chosen silicon technologies, by potentially reducing the time required to harden and model the core.

About TrustZone technology
TrustZone technology provides a secure foundation for systems running open Operating Systems (OS), such as Linux, Palm OS®, Symbian OS and Windows CE. In addition, TrustZone technology complements secure application environments such as Sun Microsystems' Java™ technology by making security implementation on devices more efficient. ARM TrustZone technology is implemented within the microprocessor core itself and extended into the system design, enabling the protection of on-chip memory and peripherals. Since the security elements of the system are designed into the core hardware, security issues surrounding proprietary, non-portable solutions outside the core are removed. In this way, security is maintained as an intrinsic feature at the heart of every device, with minimal impact to the core area or performance, while enabling developers to build any additional security, for example cryptography, onto the secure hardware foundation.

About Intelligent Energy Manager Technology
The ARM Intelligent Energy Manager solution implements advanced algorithms to optimally balance processor workload and energy consumption, while maximizing system responsiveness to meet end-user performance expectations. The Intelligent Energy Manager technology works with the operating system and applications running on the mobile phone to dynamically adjust the required CPU performance level through a standard programmer's model. National Semiconductor's PowerWise on-chip macrocell then adaptively sets the minimum required power supply delivered by the external compliant power management chip.

The ARM1176JZ-S core and the ARM1176JZF-S core will be released to ARM Partners in Q2 2004. The PrimeXsys Platform will be available in Q3 2004.

About ARM
ARM is the industry's leading provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor solutions. The company licenses its high-performance, low-cost, power-efficient RISC processors, peripherals, and system-on-chip designs to leading international electronics companies. ARM also provides comprehensive support required in developing a complete system. ARM's microprocessor cores are rapidly becoming a volume RISC standard in such markets as portable communications, hand-held computing, multimedia digital consumer and embedded solutions. More information on ARM is available at http://www.arm.com/ .

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