ARM Highlights Partners’ Expertise with Connected Community Presentation Theater at Developers’ Conference

24 September 2008

WHAT: ARM announces that its annual Developers’ Conference will showcase the deep knowledge and expertise of its Partner ecosystem at the ARM Connected Community™ Presentation Theater.   Attendees will have an opportunity to hear presentations from industry leaders on a wide variety of relevant technology and design topics including processors, system implementation, development tools and middleware.

All presentations will be held in the presentation theater located on the exhibition floor of the Santa Clara Convention Center, unless otherwise noted:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 – 12:00-4:00 p.m. PDT

12:00-12:20 p.m.       

Choosing the Right Microprocessor for the Right Application
Karl Whealton, ARM

Usually at least one programmable microprocessor core is at the heart of modern devices. The process of evaluating and selecting a particular core can be complex and it often starts with an analysis of publicly available data. Using the Cortex™-A8 processor as an example, this presentation examines three critical areas of evaluation for a processor.

12:30-12:50 p.m.       

Power Predication at the System Level
Michael Young, Cadence Design Systems

Learn a practical approach to determining power consumption at the system level enabling a balance between power consumed and required performance.

1:00-1:20 p.m.

AT91SAM Microcontrollers and Embedded Microprocessors: Pushing the Boundaries of Low Power Consumption
Jacko Wilbrink, Atmel

Atmel’s ARM processor-based microcontrollers and embedded microprocessors use the latest in power management technology to reduce power consumption to a minimum throughout the entire operational cycle.

1:30-1:50 p.m.           

Accelerating Hierarchical Implementation of the ARM Cortex-A9MPCore™ Multicore Processor with Magma’s Hydra™
Pete Churchill, Magma Design Automation

Learn how Magma’s Hydra can help automate and speed up hierarchical implementations of ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore multicore processors, improve productivity and reduce turnaround time.

2:00-2:20 p.m.           

The ARM NEON™ Ecosystem
Sumit Sahai, ARM

This session will look at how ARM Connected Community Partners are producing optimized solutions for ARM NEON technology to satisfy demands for an enhanced multimedia experience.      

2:30-2:50 p.m.           

Ten Years of Symbian and ARM Collaboration: Looking Back and Looking Forward to New Challenges Together
Malcolm Box, Symbian

This presentation will review the Symbian and ARM collaboration achievements, the new challenges affecting the industry and how Symbian and ARM plan to address them together moving forward.

3:00-3:20 p.m.           

David Hsu, Synopsys

Consumers are demanding reduced power consumption with more features in their electronic products. To meet their diverse needs and differentiate products, companies must be “Green-by-Design.”                                          

3:30-3:50 p.m.           

DFI Signifies the Maturation of DDR DRAM Memory Interface IP
Rayfes Mondal, DFI

DDR DRAM has suffered without a standard for the controller-PHY interface – until now. The DDR PHY Interface (DFI) specification is designed to create a common interface between the DDR memory controller logic and the PHY. This session will discuss the evolution from DFI 1.0 to DFI 2.0 and the future enhancements of DFI 2.1 for low-power memory interfaces.

4:00-4:20 p.m.           

Boost ARM Cortex Processor Performance Up to 2x with Magma and Intrinsity
Vasu Madabushi, Magma Design Automation and Mike Gehl, Intrinsity, Inc.

This presentation will talk about implementing high-performance ARM Cortex processors with Magma’s Talus® IC implementation tools and Intrinsity's Fast14® 1-of-N Domino Logic (NDL) circuit and tools technologies. Learn how this unique design methodology can provide a substantial boost in performance to a standard synthesizable processor.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008 – 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. PDT

10:00-10:20 a.m.       

Transforming the Ways in Which We Access, Share and Consume MultimediaData Throughout the Home
Ian Ferguson, ARM

This discussion focuses on how ARM and the ARM Connected Community Partners are transforming the ways in which we access, share and consume multimedia data throughout the home.

10:30-10:50 a.m.       

High Performance Femtocell Basestations Implemented Using ARM Compliant Processor Cores from Faraday
Luis Ancajas, Faraday Technology USA and Greg Veintimilla, RadioFrame

This presentation will highlight the system design considerations for cell phone applications, and how RadioFrame and Faraday addressed those requirements by pooling together their technical know-how.  RadioFrame is a leader in femtocell and picocell technologies to extend the coverage of existing cellular network into users’ homes or offices. 

11:00-11:20 a.m.       

Interactive Audio Architectures for Small ARM IP-based systems
Brian Schmidt, QSound Labs, Inc.

As portable computing devices are increasingly used for gaming, the audio capabilities of these systems require more than the simple audio playback provided on these devices. This talk discusses the audio architectures necessary for small ARM IP-based devices to allow interactive software developers to create interactive audio content to meet the expectations of today’s gamers.

11:35 a.m.-1:55 p.m. 

ARM Product Roadmaps and Future Technologies
Various ARM executives, Ballrooms G & H

This informative five-part presentation will detail ARM strategies and future technologies to address the evolving technical requirements of next-generation applications. Topics include: Future in Web 2.0; Graphics Everywhere – “Battle for Eyeballs”; Unleashing System Performance; Growing the Embedded Market; and Storage and Sharing.

1:30-1:50 p.m.           

Easy Embedded Design Development with the ARM Cortex-M1Processor
Mike Thompson, Actel Corporation

With an FPGA-optimized ARM Cortex-M1 processor, embedded designers can rapidly develop system-level solutions. This presentation will look at available tools and resources to simplify the use of the processor in FPGAs.                 

2:00- 2:20 p.m.          

Configuring the ARM MMU
Jim Yastic, Quadros Systems, Inc.

The ARM MMU is powerful and flexible, but not easy to configure. We will demonstrate a graphical tool for specifying and generating MMU tables.

2:30-2:50 p.m.           

Reducing Leakage Power Significantly and Safely After Place-and-Route                  
Paul de Dood, Prolific Inc.

Prolific’s ProPower, with ARM libraries and Synopsys’ PrimeTime, will show how it reduces leakage power by 25 to 75 percent, while improving placed-and-routed design's TNS, WNS, and active power.

3:00-3:20 p.m.           

STMicroelectronics Extends the STM32 Cortex-M3 Processor Powered Microcontroller Family
Stuart McLaren, STMicroelectronics Inc.

The industry’s lowest power ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller family is now expanded to provide 16 - 512 Kbytes of on-chip Flash, larger SRAM and extra features for displays, sound, storage and advanced control.

3:30-3:50 p.m.           

The NXP ARM Microcontroller Family
Rob Cosaro, NXP Semiconductors

This presentation will introduce the audience to the NXP ARM microcontroller family and will include a discussion on current and future ARM Cortex-M3 processor-based products.

When: Tuesday - Thursday, October 7-9, 2008

Where: ARM Developers’ Conference
Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, Calif., USA

How: Register for the event

Who:  ARM designs the technology that lies at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices. ARM’s comprehensive product offering includes 32-bit RISC microprocessors, graphics processors, enabling software, cell libraries, embedded memories, high-speed connectivity products, peripherals and development tools. Combined with comprehensive design services, training, support and maintenance, and the company’s broad Partner community, they provide a total system solution that offers a fast, reliable path to market for leading electronics companies. More information on ARM is available at http://www.arm.com.


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