ARM Launches PrimeXsys Community Program

22 October 2002

New program provides standard porting environment and integration services to the developer community and speeds time-to-market for complex designs

Cambridge, UK and TOKYO, JAPAN – Oct. 22, 2002 – ARM [(LSE:ARM); (Nasdaq:ARMHY)], the industry's leading provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor solutions, today announced the PrimeXsys™ Community Program at the ARM Forum in Japan. The initiative extends the ARM® Partnership to developers supporting the PrimeXsys Platform and represents an addition to other ARM Partnership Programs, which include ATAP™, the ARM technology access program and the ARM Foundry Program.

The ARM PrimeXsys Community Program will provide a range of support services tailored to the design community, making the PrimeXsys Platform an even safer and more compelling choice for developers, semiconductor vendors and OEMs looking for a validated pre-integrated set of IP solutions, which run on a standard open platform. The Program requires the Partner to perform a port of their technology to the platform and submit the result for compatibility checking by ARM. A compatible product will be authorized to use the PrimeXsys logo to readily identify these 'PrimeXsys technology-ready' IP components.

Initially, OS, embedded applications software, platform level modeling and external module support for ARM PrimeXsys Platforms will be available from the Community Partners.

"The PrimeXsys Community Program represents a further extension of ARM's Partnership models to enable IP-component vendors to not only target PrimeXsys Platforms but also collaborate on a standard porting platform,"said George Milne, PrimeXsys Community Program manager, ARM. "For design engineers it means greater access to a set of integrated and pre-validated specialist IP that will speed development time and reduce costs. ARM's PrimeXsys technology offers a fast start to SoC and complex OEM product design, and our new Community Program extends this even further by providing a new standard developer platform."

The PrimeXsys Community Program has been designed to service the requirements of PrimeXsys Platform licensees and their OEM customers. Community Partners, the software and hardware IP providers that integrate their products with the PrimeXsys Platform, or specialist tool/service providers, bring their specialist expertise to PrimeXsys technology-based SoC devices or OEM products. The Program already includes support across Operating Systems, real-time video technology, and modules including Bluetooth™, GPS and DiskOnChip support from a wide range of third-parties including: Accelerated Technology, Alphamosaic Ltd., CoWare Inc., Ericsson Technology Licensing AB, Hi Corporation, LynuxWorks Inc., M-Systems, OSE Systems AB, Trimble Navigation Ltd., and Verisity Ltd. (see Editors' Notes for supporting quotes).

About ARM
ARM is the industry's leading provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor solutions. The company licenses its high-performance, low-cost, power-efficient RISC processors, peripherals and system-on-chip designs to leading international electronics companies. ARM also provides comprehensive support required in developing a complete system. ARM's microprocessor cores are rapidly becoming a volume RISC standard in such markets as portable communications, hand-held computing, multimedia digital consumer and embedded solutions.


ARM and PrimeCell are registered trademarks of ARM Limited. ARM920T, PrimeXsys, ATAP, Jazelle and Integrator are trademarks of ARM Limited. All other brands or product names are the property of their respective holders. "ARM" is used to represent ARM Holdings plc (LSE: ARM and Nasdaq: ARMHY); its operating company ARM Limited; and the regional subsidiaries ARM INC.; ARM KK; ARM Korea Ltd.; ARM Taiwan; ARM France SAS; and ARM China.


The following companies have joined the ARM PrimeXsys Community Program:

Accelerated Technology
"Nucleus has been a very successful Real-Time Operating System in the ARM market with its scalable, robust features and micro-ITRON compatibility. Further, Nucleus support for the PrimeXsys Platform will deliver a high level of re-usability as developers migrate to higher functionality phones. As a Partner of the PrimeXsys Community Program and we are looking forward to continuing our ongoing relationship with ARM in the future."
Robert Day, director of Marketing for Accelerated Technology, Embedded Systems Division of Mentor Graphics

"Alphamosaic has developed a technology, VideoCore® which enables very high quality and extremely low-power video coding, analysis, and processing. Alphamosaic is developing a PrimeXsys Platform-based demonstrator to allow ARM and Alphamosaic customers to easily prototype bespoke video processing products. Together, the PrimeXsys Platform roadmap, the Community Program and the Alphamosaic VideoCore technology will enable new applications such as high-quality picture messaging, on-camera video processing, real-time video streaming over Bluetooth, and two-way video transmission between telephones"
Dr Robert Swann, VP Marketing, Alphamosaic
Alphamosaic Limited is Europe's premier video processing solutions provider. The company has developed technology that enables a suite of processors, which make it easy to add video to products. Markets serviced include Handheld Computers, Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems and particularly Mobile Videophones. Our products include the first commercially available generic 'Video Processor'. For more information, please visit Alphamosaic's web site at http://www.alphamosaic.com.

"The CoWare N2C system-level EDA design tool supports the full range of ARM CPUs and PrimeCell peripherals, Jazelle™ technology and PrimeXsys Platform offerings. CoWare N2C is an ideal tool to model the PrimeXsys platforms, perform architectural exploration and then verify the system hardware and software above the RT level. Additional IP components supplied by a PrimeXsys Community Partner can also be incorporated into the CoWare N2C design environment and the resulting output is modeled at the system level. Automatic complex bus generation along with the speed and accuracy of the PrimeXsys modeling is ideal for both software and hardware engineers."
Ed Begun, director, Marketing and Business Development,, CoWare

"The PrimeXsys Platform will be complemented by Ericsson Core Bluetooth™
baseband and software. Porting Ericsson's already proven IP to the
Platform ensures early Bluetooth access for OEM products based on
PrimeXsys technology. By joining the Program, ARM recognizes Ericsson for its
Bluetooth expertise."
Maria Khorsand, president, Ericsson Technology Licensing

HI Corporation
"The ARM PrimeXsys Extendible Platform Architecture provides the standard frame work we require to create the leading 3D engine in the market today in consumer entertainment products, many of which are using ARM technology. HI Corporation's Mascot Capsule enables 3D applications and brings maximum impact to the consumer. HI Corporation, the leader in mobile 3D technology, is honored to become an official third party of ARM."
Kazuo Kawabata, president of HI Corporation
*Mascot Capsule® is a registered trademark of HI Corporation.

"The current BlueCat Linux OS port to the ARM920T™ core Integrator™
board has been updated to the new ARM PrimeXsys development environment.. BlueCat embedded Linux readily supports the features required by portable consumer OEM applications targeted by the ARM PrimeXsys Platform, with industry-proven operation on the Integrator-based, ASIC prototyping environment."
Art Lee, director of Business Development, LynuxWorks

"M-Systems' Mobile DiskOnChip provides a state of the art storage solution for mobile platform caring for both code and storage requirements on a single device. Mobile DiskOnChip excels with its high performance, ease of integration, cost structure and low-power consumption, which makes it ideal for next-generation mobile phones, such as those based on the PrimeXsys Platform. The Integrator™ solution-based PrimeXsys Platform development environment is an open, widely-used platform and an excellent vehicle to demonstrate M-Systems' DiskOnChip solution for the mobile market."
David Tolub, co-manager DiskOnChip Business Unit, M-Systems

OSE Systems AB
"For OSE, the ARM CPU family is, and has been, one of the key architectures and
OSE support spans through the full range of CPUs. The support for the
high-end cached ARM CPUs with MMU can now be further enhanced in the
PrimeXsys Platform port. As an RTOS vendor, OSE welcomes initiatives that
standardizes platform designs since it allows us to concentrate our resources on such platforms. OSE and PrimeXsys technologies share a common application focus of handsets and automotive infotainment. By working together in the PrimeXsys Community Program, we can offer licensees more choice with reduced risk."
Anders Flodin, director of Strategic Alliances, OSE Systems AB

"Trimble's FirstGPS host-based software currently runs on several ARM processor cores, supports several operating systems and is being ported to the PrimeXsys Platform. The FirstGPS technology is available as modules, chipsets or as IP for silicon integration with the PrimeXsys Platform. Trimble offers a wide range of FirstGPS solutions that allow mobile device manufacturers to quickly add location/position information to their products. The PrimeXsys Platform is a de-facto standard and an ideal demonstrator for Trimble's FirstGPS technology."
Ed Jones, director of Chipset and IP Marketing for Trimble's Component Technologies Division
About Trimble
Trimble is a leading innovator of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. In addition to providing advanced GPS components, Trimble augments GPS with other positioning technologies as well as wireless communications and software to create complete customer solutions. Trimble's worldwide presence and unique capabilities position the Company for growth in emerging applications including surveying, automobile navigation, machine guidance, asset tracking, wireless platforms, and telecommunications infrastructure. Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., Trimble has more than 2,000 employees in more than 20 countries worldwide. For an interactive look at company news and products, visit Trimble's Web site at http://www.trimble.com.

FirstGPS is a trademark of Trimble Navigation Limited registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

"The PrimeXsys Platform was designed to ease SoC integration issues and shorten time-to-market and, therefore, required a rigorous verification methodology. Verisity's e verification language and Specman Elite verification solution enabled ARM to meet those verification requirements. ARM's decision to deliver the e verification environment to their Partners, greatly facilitates the integration of the PrimeXsys Platform and encourages a high-quality verification methodology."
Francine Ferguson, vice president of Worldwide Marketing, Verisity


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