Comsys Licenses ARM processor and System Design Tools For WiMAX Baseband Processors

31 July 2007

Wireless baseband specialist selects ARM11 family processor, RealView SoC Designer tool and PrimeCell peripherals

HERZELIA, ISRAEL AND CAMBRIDGE, UK – July 31, 2007 – Comsys Communication and Signal Processing Ltd. and ARM [(LSE:ARM); (Nasdaq:ARMHY)] today announced that Comsys has licensed the ARM1156T2-S™ processor and system design tools from ARM for the development of its next-generation mobile WiMAX baseband processors. In addition, the company has licensed the ARM® RealView® SoC Designer system-level design tool and PrimeCell® peripherals.  Comsys, an award-winning provider of wireless broadband solutions, will be incorporating ARM technology in its ComMAX™ CM1100 and CM1125 processors, available early 2008.

“We are committed to delivering true mobile Internet convergence to our customers. Comsys’ advanced digital baseband processors are leading the field in cellular and WiMAX convergence,” said Elkana Ben Sinai, CEO, Comsys. “The ARM11™ family processor, along with its design tool and peripherals, provides us with the flexibility, performance and throughput we need to develop highly integrated SoCs with new multimode capabilities and exceptional power-saving features.”

Comsys is licensing the ARM1156T2-S processor, which offers the high performance and reliability required for real-time embedded applications. Based on the powerful and versatile ARMv6 instruction set along with Thumb®-2 enhancements, the ARM1156T2-S processor delivers the highest instruction throughput of any ARM11 family processor. In addition, Comsys will be using the RealView SoC Designer tool and PrimeCell peripherals, including the AMBA® 3 AXI™ Configurable Interconnect (PL 301), to perform rapid architectural analysis and further enhance performance of its new mobile WiMAX processors.

“From 3G to WiMAX, ARM Powered® processors have become pervasive in enabling wireless connectivity,” said Ian Drew, vice president, segment marketing, ARM. “With its innovative multimode solutions, Comsys is developing new ways for silicon and handset manufacturers worldwide to achieve the best performance possible on any network. By using the ARM1156T2-S processor along with system-level tools and Fabric IP, Comsys is enhancing the performance of its next-generation WiMAX chips and significantly accelerating time-to-market.”

About Comsys
Comsys Communication and Signal Processing Ltd. develops the industry's leading integrated digital baseband solutions for Mobile WiMAX, UMTS, EGPRS (EDGE), GPRS and GSM networks. Comsys’ offerings range from system IP for multimode 3G cellular terminals to a fully mobile WiMAX baseband processor (802.16e), offered to silicon and handset manufacturers. Comsys' evolution to 4G includes an OFDM/A baseband processor with a flexible architecture and low power consumption, designed to support current and future mobile WiMAX profiles and future 3GPP-LTE. Companies such as Texas Instruments, Quanta Computers and Datang Microelectronics choose Comsys to benefit excellent performance, accelerated time-to-market and reduced silicon costs. For further information, please visit our website at www.comsysmobile.com

About ARM
ARM designs the technology that lies at the heart of advanced digital products, from mobile, home and enterprise solutions to embedded and emerging applications. ARM’s comprehensive product offering includes 16/32-bit RISC microprocessors, data engines, graphics processors, digital libraries, embedded memories, peripherals, software and development tools, as well as analog functions and high-speed connectivity products. Combined with the company’s broad Partner community, they provide a total system solution that offers a fast, reliable path to market for leading electronics companies. More information on ARM is available at http://www.arm.com.


ARM, RealView, PrimeCell, Thumb, AMBA and ARM Powered are registered trademarks of ARM Limited. ARM1156T2-S, ARM11 and AXI are trademarks of ARM Limited. All other brands or product names are the property of their respective holders. “ARM” is used to represent ARM Holdings plc; its operating company ARM Limited; and the regional subsidiaries ARM Inc.; ARM KK; ARM Korea Ltd.; ARM Taiwan Limited; ARM France SAS; ARM Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.; ARM Belgium N.V.; ARM Germany GmbH; AXYS Design Automation Inc.; ARM Embedded Technologies Pvt. Ltd.; and ARM Norway, AS.

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