ARM 认证工程师认证

The ARM Accredited Engineer is a standard level accreditation that focuses on software-related aspects of the ARMv7 Architecture, with a specific focus on Cortex-A and Cortex-R profiles, plus common subjects like software tools. The AAE accreditation is aimed at embedded software and systems developers who have a broad knowledge of ARM technology and biased toward applications processors and real-time processors. 


饼状图图像 - 教学大纲涵盖了众多主题领域,包括 ARM 架构和 ARM 软件开发教学大纲

PDF  立即下载教学大纲 (519KB)


  • ARM 架构(30%)
  • 软件开发 (30%)
  • 软件优化 (15%)
  • 系统 (10%)
  • 软件调试 (8%)
  • 实现 (7%)


全球 6000 个授权 Prometric 考试中心 (APTC) 中的任何一个考试中心都提供这项考试,这是一项在专门考试平台上举行的基于计算机的考试。考试由 70 道多选题组成,由一名 Prometric 代表监考。考试时间为一个小时,但您可以在考试中心停留至少 90 分钟。有关考试过程的更多信息,请查看常见问题解答页


If you think you are ready to test yourself with some sample questions from the AAE certification exam, click on the mock test links below. Answers are also provided in a separate document for each test. Please note that there are only ten questions in each mock test. A real test would consist of 70 questions.

Mock Test 1 (516KB)
Mock Test 1 - Answers (602KB)

Mock Test 2 (356KB)
Mock Test 2 - Answers (466KB)

Mock Test 3 (533KB)
Mock Test 3 - Answers (473KB)



完成考试后,结果会立即显示在屏幕上。成绩为通过或未通过 – 不提供字母或百分比成绩。您还可以请求纸质证书



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