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ARM 工具系列提供了在早期访问虚拟平台的机会以加快软件开发:
  • DS-5 中的 RTSM 模拟器支持 Linux 应用程序开发
  • 快速模型由 ARM 验证以保证功能准确性
  • µVision IDE 为微控制器提供调试器和仿真环境

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ARM 快速模型

借助 ARM 快速模型,可以在芯片可用之前开始软件开发。与 ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5™) 结合使用时,快速模型可以帮助开发人员在整个开发周期内调试、分析和优化其应用程序。

实时系统模型使用 DS-5 中的实时系统模型,无需硬件目标即可进行 Linux 应用程序开发。

Keil µVision 在一个强大的环境中提供了仿真功能。

Virtual prototypes enable design teams to get projects running faster, through parallelizing their work efforts and pulling in design schedules. In addition though, this concurrent development activity helps ensure that software will run on silicon the first day it shows up in the lab. Virtual prototoypes from ARM leverage 100% accurate virtual models to make this a reality.

Speed when you want it, accuracy when you need it.

If you're developing software, accuracy is great but speed is most important. ARM's unique Swap & Play technology enables you to have both. A CPAK containing ARM Fast Models can execute at 10s to 100s of MIPS to enable fast software development and debug. That same CPAK can then switch to 100% accuracy at any breakpoint to enable in-depth analysis or debug of complex system issues.



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