Software development cycles for embedded systems can be delayed waiting for expensive development hardware. Remaining competitive in today’s market requires fast turn-around of fully-featured software that has been developed on a fully validated system.


Solution: Early access to a Virtual Prototype (VP) for accelerated software development

With ARM Fast Models, software development can begin prior to silicon availability. These extensively validated programmer’s view models provide access to ARM-based systems suitable for early software development. Used in conjunction with ARM DS-5 Development Studio, the Fast Models can help developers debug, analyze, and optimize their applications throughout the development cycle.

Fast Models are delivered as either Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVP) or a library of models for building virtual prototypes tailored to specific SoCs and embedded systems.

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Development of Virtual Prototypes

The Virtual Prototype will typically consist of models of ARM IP, models of 3rd party IP and custom hardware. ARM provides solutions for assembling and building sub-systems with ARM Fast Models. The sub-system is then extended via export to SystemC and connection to 3rd party models via standardised TLM 2.0 interfaces for AMBA. The VP can then be simulated with the Accellera SystemC reference simulator or with the solutions from EDA partners such as Synopsys and Cadence with whom we work closely.

These virtual platforms can then be conveniently distributed to software developers for early software development without the need for expensive, hard to maintain development boards.


  • 每秒最高可执行 2 亿 5 千万个 ARM 指令,与实际硬件速度相差无几
  • 性能和精确性针对应用程序、固件以及早期驱动程序开发进行定制
  • 在几秒钟内启动任何操作系统,如 Linux、Android™、Windows Embedded CE 和 Symbian
  • SystemC TLM 2.0 导出基于 ARM 处理器的子系统
  • 功能精确的 ARM 指令集模型,已按照 ARM 处理器设计进行全面验证
  • 模型高级 ARM 技术,如高速缓存、MMU、虚拟化、TrustZoneVFP
  • 包括虚拟化组件(如以太网、LCD、键盘和鼠标)。


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