IP Tooling

Simplifying the Way Our Partners Configure & Integrate System IP

ARM® IP Tooling provides System IP Tooling to hardware, software and verification teams to deliver fully integrated System IP. It is the only fully integrated solution to integrating ARM System IP.

The two main IP Tooling solutions by ARM are:

ARM Socrates

Socrates applications are the most complete solution in the industry for IP configuration & integration, providing a correct-by-construction integration environment that transforms the quality and efficiency of your SoC designs.

AMBA Designer

AMBA Designer makes it faster to configure and connect ARM Cortex™ A, R and M class processors, Mali™ graphics hardware and AMBA IP, and applies captured designer knowledge when specifying configuration parameters in order to reduce risk.

Register & Memory Management

ARM Socrates Bitwise manages the entire register and memory-map infrastructure for an IP or system, improving inter-team communication, enhancing design quality and greatly reducing workload.

IP Definition & Integration

IP reuse and efficient IP integration are essential for successful SoC development. Socrates Weaver is a revolutionary tool for IP integration that is the fastest and most efficient way to build and maintain complex systems. The unique rules-based integration methodology employed by Weaver maximizes the potential for IP, subsystem and system reuse.

I/O Pad Ring and Pin MUX Generation/Management

Modern SoC devices typically support multiple static and dynamic operating modes. This can result in thousands of top-level signals that need to be mapped to hundreds of I/O pins according to the target application.

Accelerating AMBA Protocol-Based Design

Configuring and stitching together complex IP components manually is a time consuming process, which in turn introduces further complexity when ensuring the compatibility of interface parameters such as write interleaving and acceptance depths, bus widths, ID widths etc.

  • Rapid configuration of AMBA components from ARM
  • Rapid assembly of configured ARM Cortex AR and M series processors, Mali graphics hardware and AMBA IP components
  • Maximizes re-use of existing configurations by allowing the user to create an IP library


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