TrustZone 控制器


TrustZone Controllers Image (View Larger TrustZone Controllers Image) Secure system IP blocks to support the ARM TrustZone™ system-wide approach to security in preventing access by malicious software to selected memory regions and peripherals such as screens and keypads.

The CoreLink TZC-380 TrustZone Address Space Controller extends on-chip security to protect multiple regions of external memory from software attack. The recently announced CoreLink TZC-400 adds new fast path to hide look up latency and adds AMBA 4 ACE-Lite/AXI4 support.

TrustZone on-chip memory

  • TrustZone Boot ROM, 8-16KB for signature check code
  • On-chip memory (e.g. TCM) – 2KB instruction and 100 bytes data for Secure Monitor
  • On-chip RAM for secure code and data. TrustZone Internal Memory Wrapper (PL141) can partition a single larger on-chip RAM into Secure and Non-Secure) Worlds

TrustZone off-chip memory

  • TrustZone RAM - in DDR memory, typically 256K-1M for decrypted/checked code.
  • Off-chip memory cheaper per bit
  • Partitioning a single off-chip memory in up to 16 secure regions by TrustZone Address Space Controller (TZC-380). Resistant to software attack.

Code Product   Main Function  Key Features Size
TZC-400 TrustZone Address Space Controller Partition external memory in to secure and non-secure regions. 

Adds support for AMBA 4 ACE-Lite and AXI4. Zero latency fast path.

10-100k gates

Configurable up to 16 regions of size 32K-4G with 8 sub-regions down to 4K.

Optional register slices to meet timing constrains.

10-100k gates
BP141 TrustZone Internal Memory Wrapper Protects internal SRAM. Manages a single secure region within the SRAM, <1k gates
BP147 TrustZone Protection Controller Prevents non-secure accesses to peripherals.

Allows peripherals to be safely shared by the secure and non-secure worlds.

APB interface.

<1k gates


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