Cortex-M 系列

Scalable and Low-Power Technology for any Embedded Market

ARM Cortex-M 处理器系列是一系列可向上兼容的高能效、易于使用的处理器,这些处理器旨在帮助开发人员满足将来的嵌入式应用的需要。这些需要包括以更低的成本提供更多功能、不断增加连接、改善代码重用和提高能效。

Cortex-M 系列针对成本和功耗敏感的 MCU 和终端应用(如智能测量人机接口设备、汽车和工业控制系统、大型家用电器、消费性产品和医疗器械)的混合信号设备进行过优化。.

有关 ARM 嵌入式产品和资源的更多信息,请访问 ARM 嵌入式 microsite

Application Examples

fridge control screen and wifi


ARM Cortex-M 处理器树立了全球微控制器的标准,175 多个 ARM 合作伙伴已获得这些处理器的使用许可,其中包括 FreescaleNXP SemiconductorsSTMicroelectronicsTexas InstrumentsToshiba 等领先供应商。通过采用标准处理器,ARM 合作伙伴可制造出具有统一架构的设备,同时能够专注于各自差异化的设计。

Energy efficiency Ease of use
  • Power efficient 32-bit processors
  • Support for sleep modes
  • Low power design with further optimization packs available
  • Low power consumption enables longer battery life
  • Program in C/C++, easy software reuse
  • Wide range of tools available
  • Standardize software framework (Cortex-M Software Interface Standard)
  • Free DSP library
High performance Feature rich
  • Leading MCU performance
  • Excellent performance at small MCU footprint
  • Low interrupt latency
  • Powerful DSP extensions and optional hardware Floating Point Unit
  • Powerful Interrupt Control with NVIC
  • OS support features
  • Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
  • Comprehensive debug and reliability features
Ecosystem Reduced system size
  • Largest ecosystem in the industry
  • Several thousands of MCU parts
  • Wide range of development suites
  • Wide range of middleware & RTOS
  • Low gate count
  • High code density reduces memory size
  • Smaller area means lower cost
  • Smaller chip packages

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