多媒体产品 - 来自 ARM 的图形处理技术

ARM® Mali™ 一系列图形处理单元 (GPU) 产品,提供提升视觉体验的行业领先的可扩展图形 IP。支持从入门级的大众市场智能手机,到具有震撼视觉体验的高性能智能手机、Android 平板电脑和智能电视的各种设备。


为何 ARM 提供图形处理技术?

ARM 是世界领先的半导体 IP 提供商,在电子产品的开发中处于核心地位。随着技术的大幅进步,人们对出色图形显示效果的需求和期望进一步提高,ARM 意识到有必要推出独立的图形处理器解决方案。

ARM Mali 系列图形处理单元 (GPU) 具备可扩展性,能够为入门级智能手机、高端超级手机、平板电脑和智能电视提供行业领先的图形处理能力。作为对 ARM Cortex™ 处理器的补充,Mali GPU 技术秉承 ARM 的核心原则 – 高性能、行业领先的功效以及低系统成本。

Mali 要闻速览

  • Number 1 Android GPU IP supplier
  • In over 70% of DTVs
  • In over 50% of Android tablets
  • In over 20% of Android smartphones
  • Over 300 million units shipped to-date in 2013
  • Over 230 different Mali-based devices shipped in 2012


仅针对图形的解决方案基于 Utgard 架构,可以在最小的芯片面积中获得最高的性能。基于可伸缩 Utgard 架构的产品包括 Mali-300、Mali-400 MP 以及 Mali-450 MP。


Mali 图形产品路线图包括:

Mali-450 MP

Mali-400 MP Mali-300

图形加 GPU 计算

带 GPU 计算功能的 ARM Mali 图形产品为高端电子设备提供优质的图形解决方案。ARM Mali 图形产品采用 GPU Compute Midgard Tri-pipe 架构,这些产品包括 Mali-T678、Mali-T628 和 Mali-T624。

Mali 图形和 GPU 计算产品路线图包括:


Mali-T628 Mali-T624

Mali Video

The ARM® Mali™ Video solution presents a broad range of performance capabilities combined with ARM’s system-wide approach to performance efficiency and security. The ARM Mali-V500 is the foundational product of the upcoming ARM Mali Video series.


Mali Display

As resolutions and display quality increase, display processing becomes even more important in a multimedia subsystem. Having a dedicated display processor that not only controls output to the screen but also enables the GPU to offload basic tasks such as multi-layer composition or image post-processing to a dedicated processor improves visual quality and reduces overall SoC power consumption. ARM Mali Display Processors are designed with three key benefits in mind: lowering system bandwidth, simplifying software integration and offering a secure display path. The ARM Mali-DP500 delivers these key differentiators whilst being a high functionality, small area image and video processing tool.

Mali-DP500 processor block diagram

Mali Technologies

Mali™ Technologies have been developed by ARM to allow increasingly more complex graphics within the power capacity and thermal limit of mobile devices. Both formats provide significant system-wide bandwidth reductions to ensure that end-users are able to experience the latest in graphics quality on any device. Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) is available on all second generation Mali-T600 GPUs. ARM Frame Buffer Compression (AFBC) is available on the ARM Mali Video Engine, future Mali GPUs and as a licensable IP for display controllers.



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