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Preparing Students Today for Tomorrow’s Technology
The ARM University Program enables educational use of ARM technology. University courses and labs, student projects, and academic research in embedded systems, microprocessors/controllers, mechatronics, SoC design, computer architecture, and other areas all benefit from using ARM. The program provides a variety of teaching materials, hardware platforms, software development tools, IP, and other resources for educators, students, and researchers.


NEWS: ARM University Program launches Embedded Systems Education Kit


ARM University Program


Watch ARM University Program Educational Videos:

 ARM University program - Learn DSP on ARM


ARM University Program - Learn Embedded Systems Design on ARM based Microcontrollers  

Embedded System Design Workshop Using Freescale Freedom

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Hands-on mbed Workshop:

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ARM Architecture Fundamentals:

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Imperial College London

Dr. Amit Manthanwar from Imperial College London discusses the challenges in introducing microcontrollers to non CS and EE students.  By adopting ARM University Program¹s Lab-in-a-Box Dr. Manthanwar  been able to generate interest and enthusiasm in his students adopting microcontrollers in their projects.


London Southbank University

Dr. Steve Alty from London Southbank University discusses the benefits of adopting the NXP mbed Lab-in-a-Box from ARM in his teaching programme


University of Cambridge

Dr. Boris Adryan uses the Freescale Lab-in-a-Box to help students at the Cambridge Systems Biology Center understand microcontrollers, with a view to incorporating them into research projects.  

ARM - Xilinx SoC Lab-in-a-Box One day workshop

When: 16th December 2014

Venue: Grand Sala Conference room, Hotel Cidade De Goa, Vainguinim Beach, Goa, India

The ARM and Xilinx University Program are hosting a One-Day workshop specifically for training Faculty and Researchers on the ARM SoC Lab-in-a-Box. The latter is based on the ARM Cortex™-M0 DesignStart™ processor core and Xilinx Vivado Design Tools. The one day workshop comprises lectures, hands-on exercises, and opportunities to network with experts from ARM and Xilinx.

The workshop focuses on designing AMBA® 3 AHB-Lite compliant hardware peripherals like UART, VGA, Timers etc. and integrating them onto a simple Cortex-M0 based SoC. The SoC will be programmed with KEIL MDK-ARM software suite, Xilinx Vivado Design Tools and prototyped on a Xilinx Nexys4 Artix-7 based FPGA board.


Attendees are expected to have access to ARM® DesignStart™ portal. (New users have to complete the portal registration to get access. At Stage4 of your DesignStart application process, please mention "Cortex M0-DesignStart for HiPC2014" inside "Request summary" box for faster processing).

Attendees should bring a laptop running Windows OS with the Keil MDK-ARM evaluation software tool (free download) and Xilinx Vivado 2014.2 Webpack (free download). Knowledge of digital design using Verilog/VHDL, FPGA synthesis flow and experience in programming micro-controllers will be helpful. These special University workshops are completely free-of-charge for all academics and researchers. Attendees are expected to make their own travel arrangements.

REGISTRATION: ARM - Xilinx SoC Lab-in-a-Box One day workshop registration

Contact:   If you have any further questions please write to university@arm.com

The ARM University Program officially partners with the following companies to enable their ARM processor-based technology in academia:
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Freescale logo NuvoTon logo
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