ARM TrustZone Technology Training

ARM Public Training Course

Location Date
AsiaPac - Shanghai, China April 21 - 23, 2015
US - San Jose, CA May 6 - 8, 2015


This course is designed to give platform developers a complete overview of designing trusted systems with ARM TrustZone technology.

The course will introduce the privilege model and memory separation features of the v8-A architecture. It will discuss platform and software requirements to allow suchoperations as secure boot, DRM or Mobile Payment. The course discusses a complete trusted system including:

  • Secure boot
  • Secure monitor and EL3 Firmware
  • Trusted kernel and applications
  • Normal world OS drivers
  • Platform design
  • Memory protection


  • A working knowledge of the ARM application processors
  • Knowledge of programming in C
  • Experience of programming in assembler is useful but not essential
  • Some knowledge of embedded systems


Hardware and software system architects who need to understand the issues in developing trusted systems using the ARM TrustZone.


3 days


  • Introduction to the ARM Architecture
  • AArch32 Fundamentals (optional)
  • Introduction to TrustZone Security
  • TrustZone Hardware Overview
  • TrustZone Software Overview
  • TrustZone Memory Management
  • TrustZone Exception Handling
  • Programming the GIC (Generic Interrupt Controller)
  • Virtualization
  • Programming the SMMU (Optional)
  • TrustZone Secure Boot
  • TBBR and Trusted Firmware
  • TrustZone System Architecture
  • TrustZone Software Stack
  • TrustZone Debug
  • TrustZone Ecosystem 

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