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Announcement about the AAE Program

As of March 31, 2016 the ARM Accredited Engineer and ARM Accredited Microcontroller Engineer qualification exams will no longer be available. If you have registered to take the exams, you must do so before this date. For further information, please refer to the FAQ list below.


Why is the program ending?
With the increasing reach of the ARM University Relations program into the education of the engineers of the future, the Partner Enablement Group took the decision to direct its resources into other areas aimed at providing knowledge- based services to professional engineers.

Can I still get a certificate (or duplicate) certificate?
For candidates who have passed an ARM Accredited Engineer exam we will issue certificates until June 30, 2016. Email certification@arm.com if you need a certificate.

Is my accreditation still valid?
Although the ARM Accredited Engineer exams will be retired, those candidates who have passed an ARM Accredited Engineer exam can still include this on their qualification history as there is no expiry date for the accreditation. The logo may still be used on personal business cards and on social media profiles e.g. LinkedIn. We have no plans to withdraw this.

Will you release any ARM Accredited Engineer exams in the future?
From March 31, 2016 the ARM Accredited Engineer Program will close, and we do not anticipate releasing more exams in the future.

If you have any further queries, please contact certification@arm.com

Due to the rapid growth of the ARM ecosystem and the development of the AAE Program, there has been an increase in demand for ARM related courses. ARM is therefore working with commercial training providers to deliver exam preparation courses and training materials.

Training providers offering AAE Program courses

A list of ARM Accreditation Training Partners (AATPs) offering courses for the AAE Program is provided below.

Region ARM Accreditation Training Partners logoARM Accreditation Training Partners E-Learning Providers
Asia Pacific

Elvira Systems Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Embedded Systems Solutions Pvt Ltd (India)
eSOL (Japan)
Institute for Information Industry (Taiwan)
Shenzhen Integrated Circuit Design Industrial Centre (China)
Yokogawa Digital Computer Corporation (Japan)



Anacom (Brasil)
MindShare (USA)



AC6 (France)


Other training providers

A selection of training providers offering standard ARM training courses and other ARM-related training is available on our ARM Approved Training Center Program page.



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