Middleware Libraries

middleware librariesBenefits of Using Middleware

  • Develop robust and powerful applications fast - the RTX kernel, together with its sources, gives you all the resources you need to create and control multi-threaded, real-time applications and can be tailored to your exact system requirements. Most Keil middleware libraries can be used with or without RTX.
  • Do only what you need - MDK-Professional includes libraries to enable TCP/IP networking, CAN, USB, and Flash file-system support. Use these existing resources to allow you to focus on the development of the core of your application. There's no need to waste time re-implementing low-level functions.
  • Take advantage of Keil's expertise - all Keil middleware libraries have been designed, tested, and optimized by ARM and Keil engineers for ARM platforms. The libraries have a modular design with simple APIs. Documentation and examples make it easy to re-use the work done by our experts.
  • Source Code - all middleware components are available as source code on request. This allows you to rebuild libraries or extend their feature set and is useful where source code is needed for product certification.

Other benefits of Keil middleware libraries include:

  • Scalability - their modular structure means that applications are easy to design and maintain. Libraries can be used and re-used in multiple applications, from the most simple to the highly complex.
  • Abstraction - by removing the requirement to implement low-level peripheral and task management functions you allow your engineers to concentrate on what they know best - developing the core functionality of your application.
  • Reliability - when you take advantage of the Keil middleware code you are working with the confidence that all of these components have been rigorously tested by ARM engineers and third party users.
  • Cost - MDK-Professional middleware libraries are supplied Royalty-Free.
    While it is possible to develop similar functionality yourself, this approach rarely reduces cost and in most cases leads to unexpected delays, particularly if your engineers are working in unfamiliar areas. MDK-Professional enables you to reduce cost and development time.
  • Support - There are extensive online resources including examples and templates to enable you to quickly start your project. MDK-ARM is fully supported by Keil to ensure that if you have questions during your development then you are not alone.

Middleware Licensing

Keil Middleware components are supplied royalty-free as part of MDK-Professional Edition. Each license entitles a single engineer to use the middleware libraries in multiple projects.

  • Single User, Multi Project License - the MDK-Professional End User License entitles a single engineer to use the middleware components in multiple projects. This allows you to purchase MDK-Professional once and use it in all current and future products without additional payments.
    All engineers using MDK-Professional must have a valid license.
  • Royalty-Free - all middleware components are supplied Royalty-Free. There are no run-time royalty payments or other hidden charges. Once licensed you can ship products created using MDK-Professional with no further fees.
  • Source Code - full source code for RTX is included in all MDK-ARM Editions. Middleware source code is available separately. Access to the source code allows you to rebuild libraries or extend their feature set. It is also useful where source code is needed for product certification. Source code is not required for porting purposes or retargeting to new hardware.
  • Fair Pricing - the full feature set of MDK-Professional is available for less than the cost of a single component available from some vendors. Licenses include a year's support and maintenance as well as upgrades to the latest implementations as and when they are released.


  • MDK-Professional middleware components include TCP Networking, Flash File System, USB (device and host), and CAN libraries in binary form.
  • RTX Source code is included in all MDK-ARM Editions.
  • RTX and MDK-Professional middleware components may only be included in your final product in object form. The license does not grant you the right to distribute the source code.


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