Development Tools Ordering Guide

For all pricing and details of how to purchase ARM development tools, please use our Get a Quote form or contact one of our authorized ARM Development Tools Distributors in your region.

Tools information for Universities is also available.

Below is a list of all the ARM development tools part numbers for your reference.

Software Development Tools

Part Number format: [Product Edition]-[Medium]-[License Type]
Product Edition Medium License Type
[DS5PE] - DS-5 Professional [KD] Download

[30000] - Node Locked, perpetual
[30001] - Node Locked, 1-Year
[40000] - Floating, perpetual
[40001] - Floating, 1-Year

Example: DS5PE-KD-40000 = DS-5 Professional Edition, electronic delivery, floating seat, perpetual

Keil MDK
Product License Type Part Number
Microcontroller Development Kit Node Locked MDK-ARM
Microcontroller Development Kit Floating MDK-ARM-F
Microcontroller Development Kit Basic Node Locked MDK-ARM-B
Microcontroller Development Kit MDK-Pro
ULINKpro Debug and Trace Unit ULINKpro

Legacy Software Development Tools
Product Platform & License Type Part Number
[RS41P] - RVDS Professional [4000] - Floating
[RS410] - RVDS Standard [4001] - Floating, 1-Year
ARM Developer SuiteExternal Site Windows Node Locked License DS120-KT-70000
ARM Developer SuiteExternal Site Windows/Linux/Solaris Floating License DS120-KT-80000
ARM Developer SuiteExternal Site Windows Node Locked
1 Year Term License
ARM Developer SuiteExternal Site Windows/Linux/Solaris Floating
1 Year Term License
Compilation Tools for BREW 3.0 Windows Node Locked License (1 year term) BB300-KT-30001

Debug Hardware

Product Platforms Part Number
DSTREAM Windows, Linux DSTRM-KT-0181A


Windows, Linux RT300-BD-0177ALF

Development Boards

Product Description Part Number
Prototyping - Versatile™ Express Family
Motherboard Express
Motherboard Express µATX    µATX form factor V2M-P1-0303A
CoreTile Express
CoreTile Express A15x2 Early Access Dual Cortex-A15 with NEON      V2P-CA15-0237A. OBSOLETE - limited availability.
CoreTile Express A15x2-A7x3        Dual Cortex-A15 and Tri Cortex-A7 with NEON     V2P-CA15-0314A
CoreTile Express A9x4 Quad Cortex-A9 with NEON V2P-CA9-0301A
CoreTile Express A5x2 Dual Cortex-A5 with NEON     V2P-CA5-0305A
LogicTile Express
LogicTile Express 3MG Uses Xilinx XC5VLX330T FPGA     V2F-1XV5-0302A
LogicTile Express 13MG Uses Xilinx XC6VLX760 & XC6VLX550T V2F-2XV6-0304A
LogicTile Express 20MG Uses Xilinx XC7V2000T V2F-1XV7-0313A
SMM Express
SMM Express R5x2 Cortex-R5 2MP r1p2,  LTE-3MG and 512MB PISMO2     V2S-CR5-1000A
SMM Express R7x2 Cortex-R7 2MP r0p0,  LTE-13MG and 2GB DDR2 V2S-CR7-1000A
SMM Express A9lx1 Cortex-A9 1MP r3p0, no NEON, LTE-3MG and 512 MB PISMO2² V2S-CA9-1000A
SMM Express A9lx2 Cortex-A9 2MP r3p0, no NEON, LTE-13MG² V2S-CA9-1001A
SMM Express A15x1 Cortex-A15 1MP r3p0, no NEON, 1xLTE-13MG and 1GB DDR2 V2S-CA15-1000A
SMM Express A15x1N Cortex-A15 1MP r3p0, with NEON, 2xLTE-13MG and 1GB DDR2 V2S-CA15-1001A
SMM Express A15x2N Cortex-A15 2MP r3p0, with NEON, 3xLTE-13MG and 1GB DDR2 V2S-CA15-1002A
Versatile Family
PBCortex-A8 Platform Baseboard for Cortex™-A8 PBCA8-BD-0240A. NOW OBSOLETE - Limited availability.
PB11MPCore Platform Baseboard for ARM11 MPCore™ PBMPC-BD-0238A. NOW OBSOLETE - Limited availability.
PB1176JZF-S Platform Baseboard for ARM1176JZF-S™ PBB76-BD-0232A
EB Emulation Baseboard VEREB-BD-0228ALF
PB926EJ-S Platform Baseboard for ARM926EJ-S™ PB926-BD-0190BLF. NOW OBSOLETE - Limited availability.
Core Tiles
CT926EJ-S CoreTile for ARM926EJ- S™ CT926-BD-0218ALF
CT1136JF-S CoreTile for ARM1136JF-S™ CTB36-BD-0219ALF
CT1156T2F-S CoreTile for ARM1156T2F-S™ CTB56-BD-0230A
CT1176JZF-S CoreTile for ARM1176JZF-S™ CTB76-BD-0237A
CT11MPCore CoreTile for ARM11™ MPCore™ CTMPC-BD-0229ALF
CT-R4F CoreTile for ARM Cortex-R4F CTR4M-BD-0243A. NOW OBSOLETE - Limited availability.
Logic Tiles
LT-XC5VLX330 LogicTile for Xilinx Virtex-5 XC5VLX330 FPGA LT330-BD-0239A
LT-XC4VLX160 LogicTile for Xilinx Virtex-4 XC4VLX160 FPGA LT160-BD-0235A. NOW OBSOLETE - Limited availability.
LT-XC4VLX200 LogicTile for Xilinx Virtex-4 XC4VLX200 FPGA LT200-BD-0236A. NOW OBSOLETE - Limited availability.
PCI Kit for Versatile Platform Baseboard
PCI Backplane and PSUExternal Site 66MHz 64-bit 3 slot VPCIB-BD-0191ALF
Soft Macrocell Models
SMM-R4FExternal Site SMM bit file for Cortex-R4F with ETM FP022. NOW OBSOLETE - Limited availability.
SMM-A8External Site SMM bit file for Cortex™-A8 with NEON, ETB, ETM FP025. NOW OBSOLETE - Limited availability.

  1. 12 months support is included on all RVDS Tools purchased directly by ARM unless otherwise specified. For purchases made via our ARM tools Distributors please contact them directly for support information. For more details please see our Technical Support pages.
  2. Lead-times for up to 5 items are a maximum of 4 weeks. Standard lead-times will come into effect if no stock is currently available - contact ARM for details.
  3. A number of products are being modified to address the obsolescence of leaded (Pb-containing) components.
  4. Warranty information can be found on the ARM Tools Warranty Policy.

License Re-hosting details

For details of rehosting your tools license please see the FAQ entry "How do I move my license to another machine".



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