Virtual Prototypes

IP Selection

ARM IP Exchange provides customers easy access to the models required to quickly assemble a virtual prototype system that addresses the leading-edge challenges of system-on-chip (SoC) design. Through IP Exchange, designers can configure, build, manage, and download models that are “pre qualified” to work with ARM SoC Designer.


Virtual Prototypes are a productive solution for a wide range of pre-silicon design and development tasks. They are enabled by:

  • ARM Fast Models for early software development
  • ARM Cycle Models for system analysis and optimization
  • Pre-built platforms for a simple, productive out of the box experience
  • Tool flows for creating custom models and platforms

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IP Optimization

Modern IP has many configuration options to adapt it to meet the needs of the designer. ARM SoC Designer provides users with analysis and traffic generation capabilities to exercise IP models and obtain the correct set of configuration options to meet your design goals. Once IP block is optimized it can be integrated into a subsystem for further optimization when combined with other components and software in the system.


Subsystem Optimization

The best way to optimize the performance of your SoC design is to use a virtual prototype. Far too often, this means you waste valuable schedule time creating a virtual prototype instead of using one. Performance Analysis Kits (CPAKs) available from ARM's System Exchange web portal enable earlier productivity by providing a pre-built virtual prototype system and software which can then be customized using models from ARM IP Exchange, compiled from your own RTL using Cycle Model Studio or imported as C++ or SystemC models. Source code is provided for all software components to enable easy customization.


Software Development

Software development is often the most expensive and time-consuming activity in the SoC development cycle. Virtual Prototypes enable software development to start earlier eliminating the need to wait for expensive hardware prototypes before development can start.

ARM Fast Models are fast, accurate, flexible programmer’s view models that enable the creation of virtual prototypes tailored to specific SoC requirements. A range of pre-built Fixed Virtual Platforms provide ready-to-use development platforms and are aligned with compatible software packages for ARM and Linaro for a productive out of the box software development for ARMv8 and ARMv7.


System Bring-Up

Virtual prototypes enable design teams to get projects running faster, through parallelizing their work efforts and pulling in design schedules. In addition though, this concurrent development activity helps ensure that software will run on silicon the first day it shows up in the lab. Virtual prototoypes from ARM leverage 100% accurate virtual models to make this a reality.

Speed when you want it, accuracy when you need it.

If you're developing software, accuracy is great but speed is most important. ARM's unique Swap & Play technology enables you to have both. A CPAK containing ARM Fast Models can execute at 10s to 100s of MIPS to enable fast software development and debug. That same CPAK can then switch to 100% accuracy at any breakpoint to enable in-depth analysis or debug of complex system issues.



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