Fixed Virtual Platforms

Early Access to ARMv8 with Virtual Platforms

Foundation Platform

  • Models ARMv8 architecture
  • Linux application development for ARMv8
  • Fully compatible with Linaro v8 images
  • Quick and easy setup and out-of-the-box
  • Linux host
  • Totally FREE

Base Platform

(In addition to Foundation Platform)
  • Cortex-A57 plus Cortex-A53 variant
  • Dual-cluster up to 8 CPUs
  • Trust-Zone Enabled
  • Bare metal debug support
  • Advanced trace support
  • Linux and Windows hosts
  • Low cost

ARMv8 Foundation Platform

The ARMv8 Foundation Platform is a virtual platform incorporating an AArch64 architecture simulation model along with essential peripherals for running a Linux operating system. Multicore is configurable out-of-the-box, along with 4GB memory of simulation memory, persistent storage, networking and basic instruction trace. Debug is via a GDB connection to a server running on the platform. The host platform support is 64-bit Linux.



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Fixed Virtual Platforms (System Models)

There are a number of more advanced virtual platforms based on the ARM Versatile™ Express and BASE platforms already available. These include ARMv8 architecture and ARM Cortex™-A15 plus Cortex-A7 big.LITTLE™ system. These feature-rich platforms integrate full blown non-intrusive debug support with the ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5™) toolchain and third party tools to enable more efficient software development. Additional features include multi-cluster support, as used for big.LITTLE processing, cache memory modeling, full HD LCD emulation and advanced trace control. The host platform support for 32-bit/64-bit is Windows and Linux.

Fast Models

Full platform customization to meet your individual SoC requirements is available with the Fast Models product. It provides the necessary models for constructing virtual platforms of ARM processor-based systems along with templates of popular configurations. Customization of model content and configuration of items such as memory map and interrupt map, and the ability to export the platform to SystemC/TLM environments are supported.

Platform targets

Offers Linux and Android images with support for virtual targets
DS-5 debug

ARM DS-5™ support bare-metal and Linux debug on virtual platforms
ARM Fast Models

Full platform customization with ARM Fast Models

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