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Software development cycles for embedded systems can be delayed waiting for expensive development hardware. Remaining competitive in today’s market requires fast turn-around of fully-featured software that has been developed on a fully validated system.

Solution: Early access to a Virtual Platform (VP) for accelerated software development

With ARM Fast Models, software development can begin prior to silicon availability. These extensively validated programmer’s view models provide access to ARM-based systems suitable for early software development. Used in conjunction with ARM DS-5 Development Studio, the Fast Models can help developers debug, analyze, and optimize their applications throughout the development cycle.

Design of System Models

The System Canvas for Fast Models is a block diagram editor being used to create or customize single as well as multi-core systems. The System Generator for Fast Models is used to generate a virtual platform or export a subsystem to SystemC using TLM-2.0 compliant interfaces for inter-component communication. With a wide range of parameters for each component and the ability to extend the model portfolio with customer components, systems can be modelled such that they directly match the targeted System on Chip.

These virtual platforms can then be conveniently distributed to software developers for early software development without the need for expensive development boards.


  • Executing up to 250 million ARM instructions per second - comparable to actual hardware
  • Performance and accuracy are tailored for application, firmware as well as early driver development
  • Boots any OS in seconds, such as Linux, Android™, Windows Embedded CE, and Symbian 
  • SystemC TLM 2.0 Export of ARM processor-based subsystems
  • Functionally accurate ARM Instruction Set Models, fully validated against ARM processor designs 
  • Models advanced ARM technologies such as caches, MMU, LPAE, virtualization, TrustZone and VFP
  • Including virtualization components (e.g. Ethernet, LCD, keyboard and mouse).



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