Freescale Vybrid

ARM DS-5 Freescale

Low Power Multicore Solution

The Freescale Vybrid Controller Solutions are built on an asymmetrical-multiprocessing (AMP) architecture using ARM® processors as the anchor for the platform. The ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5) toolchain can seamlessly generate, debug and optimize code for both the ARM Cortex-A5 and Cortex-M4 cores in the Vybrid family.

Cost Effective Multicore Debug Over USB

The Cortex Microcontroller Software Standard Interface Debug Access Port (CMSIS-DAP) built into the Vybrid Tower System enables direct USB connections between the host PC running DS-5, therefore eliminating the additional cost of debug probes. By utilizing the onboard CMSIS-DAP firmware, DS-5 enables simultaneous multicore debug and trace over a low cost USB connection.


Supported Devices

The table below lists the supported Vybrid device families in DS-5. Even if your device or development board is not on the list, DS-5 ships device configuration tools to scan your SoC for supported IP blocks and create a new entry on the database. If you have a particular board that you would like supported out of the box, let us know.


Device Family Support Description Validated Boards

Vybrid F Series


Single-chip Cortex-A5 solution with Dual XiP Quad SPI, Dual Ethernet and L2 Switch 

Single-core Cortex-A5 solution with Dual Ethernet and L2 Switch

Dual Heterogeneous Core Solution with XGA Display, Dual USB, Dual Ethernet and L2 Switch Freescale Tower TWR-VF65GS10
Phytec PhyCORE Vybrid


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