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Everything You Need to Develop Software for AArch64

Cutting edge processor technologies require industry leading software development tools. Aware of that, ARM has created an end-to-end tools solution that helps customers navigate the fastest possible path to market in their ARMv8 design flows. Based on the successful tools portfolio that has helped our customers to ship billions of devices to date, ARM tools for the ARMv8 architecture enable software engineers to start porting platforms and developing applications ahead of silicon availability whilst also shortening the bring-up-debug-optimization cycle with a market proven development environment. 

AArch64 tools, DS-5, Fast Models, DSTREAM


ARM Fast Models 

Starting software development pre-silicon is essential to meet time-to-market requirements. Virtual platforms modeling the latest ARM IP architectural features are available now, complete with support for typical peripherals required to boot complex operating systems such as Linux or Android.

ARM Fast Models for ARMv8 also enables the creation of custom virtual platforms to meet your project needs.

ARM Development Studio 5

DS-5 for ARMv8 is a complete development environment for the ARM Architecture v8 and ARM Cortex™-A50 processor series. The toolchain tracks the latest developments in ARMv8 architecture specifications and has been proven by early adopters since 2011.

DS-5 for ARMv8 includes the DS-5 Debugger supporting processors from the ARMv4 to ARMv8 architectures, the ARM Compiler for ARMv8, project manager, Assembly/C/C++ code editor, and soon also ARM Streamline™ performance analyzer for ARMv5 to ARMv8 application processors. Not part of the standard ARM DS-5 Professional and Basic editions, this toolchain is available today, directly from ARM only.

ARM Compiler

The ARM Compiler for ARMv8, part of DS-5 for ARMv8, has been developed in parallel with the ARM architecture and used extensively throughout the processor design cycle. Supporting the latest ARM IP and achieving high quality results, it reduces associated project risks and assures your design schedules. The ARM Compiler for ARMv8 is ideal for bare metal applications such as boot code, hypervisors, benchmarks and architectural validation*.  

* It is recommended to use the provided compiler for OS platform development.



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