Versatile CoreTiles

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The ARM® Versatile™ family is now discontinued and only available for a last time buy while stocks last. This range of development boards has been superseded by the Versatile™ Express family.  

A CoreTile provides the ARM processor in a Versatile™ Emulation Baseboard development system. Several ARM processors are supported by the CoreTile format:

At the heart of each CoreTile is a Test Chip, which contains the ARM processor and a small amount of logic that is needed to interface the ARM core AMBA buses to the limited number of IO pins available on the board connectors.

CoreTiles cannot be used as standalone development boards because they must be supplied with power, JTAG, configuration signals and an AMBA memory system which is normally supplied by the Emulation Baseboard below.

Each CoreTile type may have different CPU and bus speeds, and features different quantities of L1 and L2 caches, Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM) and on-chip SRAM. Click on the 'Specifications' tab below for further information.



  • Wide range of ARM processors in a hard silicon Test Chip
  • Achieve faster CPU speed than an emulation system


Core Tile for   ARM11MPCore™




Short name CT11MPCore CT1176JZF-S CT1156T2F-S CT1136JF-S CT926EJ-S
Part # CTMPC-BD-0229ALF CTB76-BD-0237A CTB56-BD-0230A CTB36-BD-0219ALF CT926-BD-0218ALF
PCB # HBI-0146 HBI-0154 HBI-0154 HBI-0131 HBI-0131
Datasheet Not available Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet
Manuals User Guide User Guide  User Guide User Guide User Guide
# CPUs Quad Single Single Single Single
CPU Speed 210MHz 360MHz 180MHz 240MHz 180MHz
CPU Rev r0p0 r0p1  r0p0  r0p1 r0p4
Copro's VFP None  None None None
L1 cache I/D 32KB/32KB 16KB/16KB 16KB/16KB 16KB/16KB 32KB/32KB
L2 cache 1024 None None None None
TCM None 16KB/16KB 64KB/64KB 2×256KB + 8KB 16KB/16KB
SRAM (On-chip) None 2×64KB + 16KB 2×256KB + 16KB None None
SDRAM None None None None None
Embedded Trace None ETM ETM + ETB ETM + ETB ETM



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