Motherboard Express

Motherboard Express Image (View Larger Motherboard Express Image)
The Motherboard Express uATX (or V2M-P1) is the first motherboard available in the Versatile Express range. It is built into an attractive, uATX sized two-part plastic enclosure. The lid is removable to give access to the motherboard for daughterboard installation and connection of test equipment. All connectors and controls are mounted on the rear panel.  

This motherboard has two sets of daughterboard header connectors. It must always be paired with a CoreTile Express or Soft Macro Model daughterboard to provide the main system processor. Optional LogicTile Express boards can be added to give custom IP development and validation capability. 


Versatile Express V2M-P1 motherboard rear panel view


Board Name MotherBoard Express µATX
V2M-P1 enclosure, small
Board name (short) V2M-P1
Part number V2M-P1-0303A
PCB number HBI-0190
Datasheet Datasheet
Manuals User Manual
Form factor uATX in 2-part plastic case
NOR Flash 2x 64MB
PCI 4x 4-lane PCIe slots
Video out DVI
Audio AC97 Mic in, Line in/out
Ethernet 10/100 RJ45
USB 2x Host, 1xOTG
Serial 4x RS232/DB9
Kbd/mouse 2x PS/2
Memory card slots SD/MMC, CF
Power input 12V DC

  • Well-equipped with a wealth of useful peripheral interfaces
  • Drag-and-drop USB drive configuration mechanism for Versatile Express daughterboards
  • Powerful Boot Monitor program configures daughterboards and boots application software images
  • Unit comes pre-loaded with Debian Linux installer
  • Ability to remotely control system power and reset signals via an RS232 port
  • Compact, self-contained system is both portable and convenient for demos or customer deployment

Software Tools for Versatile Express

ARM DS-5 Development Studio fully supports all ARM processors and IP as well as a wide range of third party tools, operating systems and EDA flows. DS-5 represents a comprehensive range of software tools to create, debug and optimize systems built on Versatile Express boards.

It incorporates DS-5 Debugger, whose powerful and intuitive graphical environment enables fast debugging of bare-metal, Linux and Android native applications. DS-5 Debugger provides pre-defined configurations for ARM Versatile Express boards, for a quick and convenient way to start software development.

In addition, Streamline performance analyzer simplifies the identification of hot spots in software and load balancing between cores and clusters with a brilliantly intuitive graphical display.



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