LogicTile Express

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LogicTile Express is a range of plug-in daughterboards for the Motherboard Express (V2M-P1) board. Both are part of the Versatile™ Express family of ARM development boards. LogicTiles can be used for two purposes:
  • For prototyping and validation of custom ASIC IP alongside an ARM processor
  • As the base hardware for a Soft Macro Model (SMM)

There are three types of LogicTile Express board available. All are based on Xilinx FPGAs:

  • LogicTile Express 3MG - single Virtex-5 FPGA
  • LogicTile Express 13MG - dual Virtex-6 FPGAs
  • LogicTile Express 20MG - single Virtex-7 FPGA

For IP prototyping, the developer should choose, based on the amount of FPGA resource and upward IO expansion required. Please click on the tabs below for full product information.


LogicTile Name LogicTile Express 20MG LogicTile Express 3MG LogicTile Express 13MG
LogicTile Express V2F-1XV5 LogicTile Express V2F-2XV6
LogicTile name (short) V2F-1XV7 or LTE-20MG V2F-1XV5 or LTE-3MG V2F-2XV6 or LTE-13MG
Part number V2F-1XV7-0313A V2F-1XV5-0302A V2F-2XV6-0304A
PCB number HBI-0247 HBI-0192 HBI-0217
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet
Manuals User Guide User Guide User Guide
FPGA Family Virtex 7 Virtex 5 Virtex 6
FPGA XC7V2000T / XC7V2000T-CES XC5VLX330 XC6VLX760 + XC6VLX550T
ZBT RAM N/A 2×8MB, 32-bit 2×8MB, 32-bit
SDRAM 4GB DDR3 SODIMM (included) 512MB DDR2 via PISMO2 (optional) 4GB DDR2 SODIMM (included)
Programmable Clocks 6 3 6 (3 per FPGA)
User Switches 8 DIP switches 8 DIP switches 8 DIP switches
User LEDs 9 8 18
PCIe connectivity 4 Rx/Tx lanes up, 4 Rx/Tx lanes down 8 Rx/Tx lanes to motherboard 8 Rx/Tx lanes up, 8 Rx/Tx lanes down
SATA connectors Host + Device, 2×Rx/Tx lanes each Host + Device, 2×Rx/Tx lanes each Host + Device, 2×Rx/Tx lanes each
HSSTP connector N/A 6 Tx lanes 6 Tx lanes
Further upward IO 440 single-ended signals (HDRX/Y) 211 single-ended signals (PISMO2) 520 single-ended signals (HDRX/Y)
8× Rx/Tx MGT channels
Stackable with other LTE Yes, up to 8 LTE-20MG boards No Yes, up to 8 LTE-13MG boards
Power supply From motherboard + 12V DC PCIe From motherboard From motherboard + 12V DC PCIe
Expansion boards HDMI IO board

  • FPGA development subsystem with fast programming and reconfiguration mechanism
  • Boards are stackable for incrementally expandable FPGA capacity
  • Support for automated FPGA partitioning tools
  • IO connectivity from top of stack via Samtec header connectors
  • Example IO expansion board design ships with the LTE-13MG board
  • Integrated Logic Analyzer connectivity
  • On-board user ZBT RAM for modelling on-chip RAM blocks such as large buffers or L2 cache



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