CoreTile Express

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A CoreTile Express board provides the main system CPU in a Versatile™ Express development system. The CoreTile must be paired with a Motherboard Express uATX board, which provides power, configuration and peripheral connectivity.

CoreTile Express boards differ from their predecessors from the Versatile product family in that high bandwidth peripherals such as the memory and LCD controllers are implemented in the Test Chip, alongside the ARM processor core. This delivers a significant performance boost, which makes the system more suitable for software benchmarking and fully capable of running a desktop OS such as Debian Linux.

ARM Processors supported by the CoreTile Express range are:

V2P-CA9 Test Chip Block Diagram

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Core Tile Name CoreTile Express
Cortex™-A15, Cortex-A7
CoreTile Express
CoreTile Express
CoreTile Express V2P-CA9, small V2P-CA5x2s CoreTile
Core Tile name (short) V2P-CA15x2_CA7x3 V2P-CA9x4 V2P-CA5x2s
Part number V2P-CA15-0314A V2P-CA9-0301A V2P-CA5-0305A
PCB number HBI-0249 HBI-0191 HBI-0225
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet
Manuals User Manual User Manual User Manual
Product Videos n/a n/a Video
CPU Type Cortex-A15 MPCore™
Cortex-A7 MPCore™
Cortex-A9 MPCore Cortex-A5 MPCore
Num CPUs, Speed Dual CA15,1GHz
Tri CA7, 800MHz
Quad, 400MHz Dual, 100MHz
CPU Rev r2p1, r0p1 r0p1 r0p1-RC0
Coprocessors NEON™ NEON NEON
L1 cache I/D 32KB/32KB 32KB/32KB 32KB/32KB
L2 cache 1MB 512KB 256KB
SRAM (On-chip) 64KB, 64-bit 16KB, 64-bit 64KB
SDRAM 2GB DDR2, 32-bit 1GB DDR2, 32-bit 1GB DDR2 SODIMM
SDRAM speed 400MHz 266MHz 120MHz
Internal AMBA bus speed 500MHz 200MHz 100MHz
External AMBA bus speed 50MHz (M) 50MHz (M), 30MHz (S) 40MHz (M), 40MHz (S)
Embedded Trace 16/32-bit, PTM, ETB (4KB) 16/32-bit, PTM, ETB (8KB) ITM, ETB (8KB)
Debug connection JTAG & SWD, 20-pin DIL JTAG & SWD, 20-pin DIL JTAG & SWD, 20-pin DIL

  • Custom-designed Test Chip
  • JTAG and SWD debug connectivity
  • Embedded Trace capability
  • On-chip DDR and LCD controllers maximize system data throughput
  • On-board DDR SDRAM
  • AXI buses to an attached LogicTile for custom IP development



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