Debug Adapters

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The ARM tools range offer a number of debug adapters to connect to your target systems:

  • DSTREAM enables JTAG, SWD, and Trace connection for DS-5, legacy RVD and third party debuggers to ARM-based devices.
  • VSTREAM is a fast and flexible virtual interface that connects software debuggers to hardware assisted verification systems, such as Mentor Veloce and Cadence Palladium.
  • Keil ULINK is a complete family of Debug Adapters for ARM processor-based microcontrollers.

Contact an official DS-5 distributor for DSTREAM & VSTREAM enquiries, or a Keil distributor for ULINK Family enquiries.

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The guide below is an indication of the debug adapters designed for specific applications. To find out more information please view the tabs above.

DSTREAM debug and trace unit provides the DS-5 Debugger with a high performance connection to hardware targets

="183"VSTREAM enables the connection of software debug tools, such as ARM DS-5 Debugger, to ARM processors running on RTL simulators and hardware emulators.

Keil ULINK Debug adapter
The Keil ULINK family of Debug adapters connects your PC’s USB port to your target system, enabling you to debug embedded programs running on target hardware for ARM and Cortex-M-based microcontrollers



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