AMBA Designer

CoreLink™ AMBA® Designer (ADR-400) makes it faster to configure CoreLink NIC-400 and CoreSight SoC-400, and applies captured designer knowledge when specifying configuration parameters in order to reduce risk.

Accelerating AMBA Protocol-Based Design

Configuring and stitching together complex IP components manually is a time consuming process, which in turn introduces further complexity when ensuring the compatibility of interface parameters such as write interleaving and acceptance depths, bus widths, ID widths etc.

The AMBA Designer (ADR-400) tool provides a single common front end for configuring and integrating System IP and other ARM IP. The main benefits from this approach comprise rapid, error free configuration using intelligent configuration tools, and correct by construction connection of ports using the IP-XACT interface standard.

ADR-400 outputs configured Verilog RTL along with industry standard IP-XACT descriptions for ease of integration into third party design and implementation tools.

Once a component is generated it can also be added to the ADR-400 component library to maximize re-use. Stitching together of multiple components is supported in a hierarchical manner.

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