CoreLink CCI-500 Cache Coherent Interconnect

The ARM® CoreLink™ CCI-500 Cache Coherent Interconnect extends the performance and low power leadership of ARM systems in a range of applications.

Mobile systems designers need to support high resolution screens, complex applications and console quality graphics. The Cache Coherent Interconnect is a critical part of the mobile SoC, it provides full cache coherency between big.LITTLE™ processor clusters and provides IO coherency for other agents such as Mali™ GPU, network interfaces or accelerators.

CoreLink CCI-500 offers a scalable and configurable interconnect which enables SoC designers to meet their performance goals with the smallest possible area and power. CoreLink CCI-500 is a 4th generation coherent interconnect from ARM, building on the broad licensing and wide design wins of the previous generation CoreLink CCI-400.


Introduction to the ARM CoreLink CCI-500

ARM CoreLink System IP plays a key role in enabling partners deliver optimized ARM-based SoCs. The CoreLink CCI-500 Cache Coherent Interconnect extends the performance and low power leadership of ARM mobile systems.

CoreLink CCI-500 Infographic

CoreLink CCI-500 Infographic

Learn how CoreLink CCI-500 is central to ARM-based systems; supporting high resolution screens complex applications and console quality graphics

CoreLink CCI-500 in a mobile system
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Optimized Mobile Interconnect

CoreLink CCI-500 is a high performance interconnect solution, delivering improvements on key benchmarks associated with system performance. Benchmarking vs the previous generation shows:

  • Up to 2x peak system bandwidth
  • +30% processor memory performance
  • 12% memory system power savings

Seamless 4K Content

Premium mobile devices are driving higher resolution screens such as 4K Ultra-HD content, external displays, and console quality gaming content. CoreLink CCI-500 offers up to 34GB/s peak system bandwidth to enable seamless 4K content to mobile devices. This represents 2x peak system bandwidth compared to CoreLink CCI-400

+30% Processor Performance

Benchmarking tests show CoreLink CCI-500 offers a 30% increase in processor memory performance. This enables a more responsive user interface for complex tasks like productivity applications such as AutoCAD, video editing and increased multi-tasking.

Central to ARM systems

CoreLink CCI-500 is an important part of the complete system. It has been designed and tested with ARM Cortex processors, Mali Graphics, CoreLink System IP and CoreSight debug and trace to provide system performance that is highly optimised.

CoreLink CCI-500 is part of a complete suite of system IP from ARM including CoreLink NIC-400 network interconnect for low power, low latency, end to end connectivity to the rest of the SoC, CoreLink MMU-500 system MMU for virtualization of IO and CoreLink GIC-500 for management of interrupts across multiple processor clusters.


Use Cases

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Premium Mobile or Tablet big.LITTLE

  • Quad-core big with quad-core LITTLE processor
  • Mali GPU
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Mid-range Mobile big.LITTLE

  • Dual-core big and quad-core LITTLE processor
  • Mali GPU
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Entry Level Mobile

  • Octa-core LITTLE solutions
  • Mali GPU
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Smart TVs and Set-top boxes

  • Dual quad-core big processor and dual or quad-core LITTLE
  • Mali GPU
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Industrial and Automotive Infotainment

  • Quad-core big processor with quad-core LITTLE
  • Mali GPU


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