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Silicon partners looking to port a Trusted OS to an ARMv8A platform (32/64-bit) might want to start by downloading and porting the ARM Trusted Firmware available on GitHub. This provides low level secure firmware as open source code and may accelerate porting and integration work of higher level Normal World and Secure World software.  ARM Trusted Firmware includes reference implementations of Power State Coordination Interface (PSCI), Secure Monitor Call Calling Convention (SMC CC) and Trusted Board Boot Requirements (TBBR). The reference code is provided under a permissive BSD licence.

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A trusted system requires trusted software and trusted hardware to work together. ARM, Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient helped create Trustonic in 2012 to deliver a commercial company capable of delivering a high quality Trusted OS and infrastructure to provision Trusted Applications after deployment. Software developers interested in developing TEE based Trusted Applications can contact Trustonic on their website to enquire about their developer program and SDK.

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Solacia Inc. is the leading smartcard and USIM provider in Korea. Solacia provide a GlobalPlatform based TEE, SecuriTEE, that can be used for use cases such as payment and content protection. 

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Mentor Embedded Hypervisor includes support for ARM® TrustZone® to secure critical information and software. Support for guest operating systems and environments are provided including Linux, Nucleus and bare metal.

  • Small footprint, high performance Type 1 hypervisor
  • Secure by design and ARM TrustZone TEE support  

Alternative TEE providers can be found under the Connected Community section of this website.



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