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The SecurCore® SC000™ processor is designed specifically for the highest volume smartcard and embedded security applications. The SC000 combines the proven security features of ARM SecurCore processors, currently the most widely licensed 32-bit CPU for smartcards worldwide, with leadership technology from the Cortex-M0 processor. The SC000 processor’s ultra low power footprint makes it an ideal choice for a range of contactless and NFC applications.

The SC000 processor is based on the ARM Cortex-M0 processor, leveraging its excellent mix of architectural features, high performance and very low costs. The ARM SC000 processor implements the Thumb instruction set, including a small number of 32-bit instructions that use the Thumb-2® technology, delivering 32-bit high performance at 16-bit levels of code density. The SC000 processor includes a configurable Nested Vector Interrupt Controller (NVIC) for highly deterministic and low interrupt latency, crucial for running multiple security algorithms and communication interfaces concurrently. With its highly advanced debug features and standardized peripheral models, the SC000 processor helps OEMs to reduce drastically software development overheads by easing code portability and reusability with the resultant time-to-market significantly reduced.


Leading Power Efficiency

With high performance and low dynamic power consumption, the SC000 processor delivers leading power efficiency. Coupled with integrated sleep modes and optional state retention capabilities, the SC000 processor ensures there is no compromise for applications requiring low power and strong performance.


Outstanding Performance

Based on a 3-stage pipeline optimized for executing directly from flash memory, the processor delivers outstanding efficiency in real world applications. 


Tightly Integrated Interrupt Handling

The SC000 processor integrates the Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC) to deliver exceptional response to interrupts. The NVIC is highly configurable at design time to deliver up to 32 system interrupts with individual priorities and integrated system clock. 


Simple Programming Target

With all exception handling executed in hardware the processor removes the need to program in assembler code, provides an excellent platform for C code, and significantly accelerates development time.      



Over 700 members in the Connected Community supporting the Cortex-M0 based SC000 processor

  • Broadest ecosystem of compilers, debuggers and RTOS tools in the industry
  • Plentiful design services partners to aid in design task
  • Large variety of third party IP available to integrate with processors

Final benchmarking numbers pending

SC000 Features 

Feature Description
Architecture ARMv6-M (Von Neumann)
ISA support Thumb®/ Thumb-2 technology*
Pipeline 3-stage
Dhrystone 0.9 DMIPS/MHz
Interrupts NMI + 1 to 32 physical interrupts
Interrupt latency 16 cycles
Sleep modes Integrated WFI and WFE instructions
Sleep & Deep Sleep Signals
Optional Retention Mode with Power Management Kit
Enhanced Instructions Single-cycle (32x32) multiply
Debug JTAG or Serial-Wire Debug ports  

* The ARM SC000 processor implements the Thumb instruction set, including a small number of 32-bit instructions that use Thumb-2 technology. This is a binary upwards compatible subset of the instruction sets supported by the Cortex-M0, the Cortex-M3 and the Cortex-M4 processors.

System Development

The SC000 processor includes AMBA® interconnect compatibility for fast and efficient system design with peripherals and memories  

Product  Description 


AMBA System IP and design tools provide the components and methodology for designers to build SoCs that maximize the efficiency of data movement and storage, enabling high performance at the lowest power and cost.

 AMBA Design Kit (ADK)

Enable fast configuration of embedded systems containing Cortex-M series processors with an AMBA AHB interface

 AHB Memory Controllers

For AMBA AHB-based systems ARM provides the PL24X family of dynamic, static and hybrid memory controllers

AHB Peripherals

PL011 Synthesizable UART
PL022 Synthesizable Single-wire Peripheral Interface (SPI) controller
PL050 Synthesizable keyboard or mouse interface complying with IBM-defined PS/2 interface standard
PL061 Synthesizable GPIO controller supporting 8 bits with interrupt control.

Tools Ecosystem

Full support from RealView® Microcontroller Development Kit (the Keil µVision environment), the most popular smart card development tool chain in the industry

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