Cortex-R7 Processor

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The ARM® Cortex®-R7 processor provides a high-performance, real-time solution for a wide range of deeply embedded applications.

The Cortex-R7 processor provides much higher levels of performance compared to Cortex-R4 and Cortex-R5 and introduces a new technology including out-of-order instruction execution and dynamic register re-naming, along with improved branch prediction, superscalar execution capability and faster hardware support for divide, DSP and floating-point functions.

The Cortex-R7 is typically used in HDD servo control, as an SSD front-end processor, and in LTE-Advanced modems.


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Like the Cortex-R4, Cortex-R5 and Cortex-R8 processors, the Cortex-R7 processor is designed for implementation on advanced silicon processes with an emphasis on improved energy efficiency, real-time responsiveness, advanced features and ease of system design.

The processor provides a flexible local memory system that supports Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM), local shared memory and a peripheral port, enabling SoC designers to reach demanding real-time requirements within constrained silicon resources.

The Cortex-R7 processor is a high performance core, featuring an upgraded advanced 11-stage, superscalar, out-of-order pipeline with advanced dynamic and static branch prediction, dynamic register re-naming and non-blocking Load-Store Unit. It also incorporates an integrated Generic Interrupt Controller (GIC), Snoop Control Unit (SCU) and timers to further reduce latency and enable symmetric multiprocessing in a dual core configuration.

The processor also features flexible MP Core configurations, with the option of a lock-step configuration with redundant processor, Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) and Asymmetric Multi-Processing (AMP).


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