Cortex-A72 Processor

The ARM® Cortex®-A72 is ARM’s state-of-art high-performance ARMv8-A processor targeting multiple markets. It builds on the success of the Cortex-A57 processor across mobile, infrastructure, automotive, and a wide range of other markets. The Cortex-A72 delivers up to 50% more performance at the same frequency as Cortex-A57, while reducing power by more than 15%, and shrinking area to the size of Cortex-A15 in the same process node.

The improved performance and power-efficiency of the Cortex-A72 processor provides a significant boost to the rich, context-aware experiences users have come to expect in top tier mobile, automotive, and smart embedded client devices. It has performance that can scale up from premium smartphones to large and mid-size tablets, clamshell, and convertible form factors. The Cortex-A72 also boasts a feature set ready for infrastructure deployment, enabling a wide-range of networking, storage, and server applications. Finally, the Cortex-A72 functional safety support package simplifies the process to certify products for safety applications, such as automotive functional safety subsystems, military/aerospace, and industrial factory automation.

This processor can also be implemented in an ARM big.LITTLE™ configuration.

Key Benefits

  • ARM’s state-of-the-art high-performance processor for infrastructure, mobile, and automotive
  • Market-leading compute density across all application form factors
  • Improved performance and efficiency, with full ARMv8-A 64b support.


The Cortex-A72 high-performance processor is designed for a wide-range of applications which require the highest performance, together with the advantages of ARM's power efficient architecture. Key target markets include:

Cortex-A72 chip diagram
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Premium smartphones
Tablets & larger screen
mobile devices
High-end digital TV
Wired & wireless networking
Automotive ADAS/IVI
Industrial factory automation
Military & aerospace

Related IP

The Cortex-A72 processor can be incorporated into a SoC using a broad range of ARM technology including Graphics IP, System IP, and Physical IP. Cortex-A72 is fully supported by ARM development tools. Related IP includes:

Graphic IP Other IP Tools


ARM training courses and Active Assist on-site system-design advisory services enable licensees to efficiently integrate the Cortex-A72 processor into their design to realize maximum system performance with lowest risk and fastest time-to-market.



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